Argent Saga Trading Card Game cards, merchandise, and other products pass a very thorough quality assurance processes to make sure you get the highest possible grade product. In the unlikely event that you encounter a manufacturing error, please read below.

Last Updated: 8/30/2019

If you have purchased any of our products via retail, and there is a defect with the product, we can help you with a replacement of a similar card within 30 days of the original purchase.
  1. Review important information below
  2. Follow the steps for Replacement Process.
  3. Ensure your product is still available for replacement
Important Information:
Replacement for one or more defective cards: If certain cards are defective we will replace those cards with similar cards  Please fill out the information and we will email you a pre-stamped label for you to ship the product back to us.  Once we receive the product and verify the damages we will send out the replacements. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the refund to be processed once we receive the product.


Replacement for full product or deck: If you have purchased a booster pack or deck and you find that most of the product is damaged fill out the information and we will send a pre-stamped tracked package to have the entire product returned.  Packages not returned in their original box may be subjected to a restocking fee. Once we receive the package and verify the damage we will send out the replacement. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the refund to be processed once we receive the product.


Please note: We are unable to replace cards that were purchased on the secondary market such as from garage sales, online auction sites, or independent sellers/trades.


Condition of replacement cards: Amikon strives to ensure the replacements you receive are the best quality we have available but we can not guarantee “perfect” or “mint condition.” There are several factors involved that are beyond our control such as manufacturing, shipping, and packaging that can affect the quality of the cards.  It is advisable to only return those cards with significant damage. There are instances where the Product Replacement Team may send back the original card if there is not significant damage on the card worthy of replacement.


List of Product Acceptable for Replacement:
Betrayal 1.0
Betrayal 2.0
Betrayal Intro Decks


Replacement Process:
  1. If your product is damaged, defective, or missing you can request a prepaid shipping label to return the product by filling out this form.
  2. We request that you provide a photo and original receipt of the defective product.  
  3. When shipping the product please include 
    1. First and last name
    2. Address
    3. City
    4. State/Zip code
    5. Phone number (with area code)
    6. Description of defective product
    7. Incident/reference number (that we provided)
*The return label is only valid for 4 days to ship to us.
Any questions please email
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