Argent Saga Championship II Recap

Did you miss out on this October 2019 Championship in Richmond? You can now view who placed in top cut, what decks were most popular, which side events were hosted, and so much more!

After 8 rounds of swiss play, 16 Players remained for our single elimination, Top Cut!  Your final three competitors were:
Nori Ayukawa (Third), Joseph Gray (Second) and Jesse Unger (First).

Top 16 deck breakdown based on popular Champion and Spirit combinations. Ergon, The Tragic Gargoyle was suspended from play in between Championship I and II, allowing never before seen strategies to thrive in a brand new meta! Hoenna, Liam, Jemial, and Auron were the most picked Champions and Kyte was the favored Spirit among the top 16 players.

Side Events
Colossal Card Clash Champion

The Colossal Card Clash tested players against each other over the ultimate prizing of a Colossal Argent Saga Card!

Richmond 2019 Championship Commentators

In Columbus, we were joined by Jeremy Gosnell and Ryan Miles as official Argent Saga Championship commentators! These two personalities brought a wonderful play by play commentary with more than enough excitment to hype the crowd!

Unable to watch our stream live on Twitch?  No worries!  We have all of the featured matches from the Championship available on our YouTube channel.  Simply click the link below!


Richmond 2019 Championship Judges

The event would not have run as smoothly if it was not for our amazing team of judges, lead by Head Judge Austin Lemire!

Left to Right: Dennis Gleason, Kareem Ibrahim, Matt Sapienza, Rob Maino, Ed Vares, Jeremy Hayes, and Austin Lemier.

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