Revelations, a Mere Beginning.
The Betrayal at Argent Tower has thrown Argos into a deeper war than ever seen before- and powerful beings from worlds beyond are taking notice. Booster Set 2: Revelations brings powerful new units for every element, and sends all of your favorite Champion characters onto the battlefield as units with new abilities!
Support your existing Dragon Deck with the Blazewalkers – legendary fighters that fight from the flames themselves. Lead by their commander, Raine, these warriors are an aggressive force to be reckoned with. Command your Corum Army as Auron with help from the Rose Knights – elite soldiers that thrive in war! With 100 cards to choose from, every deck has something new to gain from Revelations.
Coming this November to an LGS near you.
Blazewalkers are the warriors who were forged in the eternal flame.  These beings are said to be one with the fire and can call upon a burning passion to strike down their foes.

The Rose Knights are the most feared knights in Argos. Utilizing their diverse arsenal and cunning wit, these knights can single handedly turn the tide of any battle!

Booster Set 2: Revelations

The stakes have been upped to cosmic proportions in the sophomore major release of the Argent Saga TCG: Booster Set 2: Revelations! Each box of 24 booster packs has a chance to include:

  • 100 different new cards
  • 52 common cards
  • 52 foil cards
  • 21 Rare Cards
  • 8 Argent Rare Cards
  • 6 Secret Rare Cards
  • 5 Stamped Serial Cards (1-1000/1000)
  • 1 Box Topper Card

Revelations Booster Pack

The heavily anticipated Booster Set 2 of the hottest TCG of the year features a plethora of powerful new cards to assist any of your favorite Elements, Spirits, or Champions. Pick up a Revelations Booster Pack early this November to find out for yourself!
*Ratios subject to vary between print runs
Corrupted Darkness

Ergon, the Tragic Gargoyle has been transformed from human to Gargoyle by the Witch Queen. He seeks to find Hoenna, knowing that she would be his only hope to return to his human form. Traveling a long and tiresome journey into the Dark Tower Ergon is finally met with the Immoral Conjurer herself, the power he feels is almost unreal. The air was dense, more than any fog in the marshlands, however, Ergon musters up the courage to ask for an important favor.

“Why would I help you? The suffering you endure is your own destiny, not for me to intervene” loud echos ravage the empty halls from the inner sanctum.

“I will gladly share all my knowledge of the Witch Queen, even for someone the likes of you could not pass over an offer like this.”  

Hoenna grins with a sinister smile, “I acknowledge your verbal agreement, and I accept.”

She sets him in a transmutation circle she curated, attempting to change him back.
Nothing works.

“How is this possible? I know I prepared the spell as desired”

Soft steps click louder and louder from the shadows. A calm yet commanding voice speaks up.

“Spells of that divinity should be casted by those can wield such power, not by those with inferior motives.”

Hoenna’s sister, Catrina, the Dark Lady appears. She proclaims how misled Ergon is by the lies spun by Hoenna, just to use him for information.

Furious yells erupt the chambers as Egron sets his sights on Hoenna.

“You liar! How could I have been such a fool to trust a vile and wicked woman like yourself! I refuse to be pawn in your game and the sins you atoned to must be dealt with!”

As Ergon attacks Hoenna, from the shadows Catrina summons various Gargoyles to assist Ergon. Deep down behind this false facade Catrina is tricking Ergon, and once Hoenna is gone, the throne of the Dark Tower will finally be ready for its true heir.

To avail, Hoenna lures her sister’s Gargoyles into the transmutation circle that she was using earlier on Ergon. She uses it to destroy them, however, so many entities being used in the circle at once does something unexpected. It rips a hole open to a “place in-between”, in which the “Shadow of the Silver King” escapes- a shadowy creature who works under Silver King and was once sealed away with him.

To Be Continued…
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