Revelations, a Mere Beginning.
The Betrayal at Argent Tower has thrown Argos into a deeper war than ever seen before- and powerful beings from worlds beyond are taking notice. Booster Set 2: Revelations brings powerful new units for every element, and sends all of your favorite Champion characters onto the battlefield as units with new abilities!
Support your existing Dragon Deck with the Blazewalkers – legendary fighters that fight from the flames themselves. Lead by their commander, Raine, these warriors are an aggressive force to be reckoned with. Command your Corum Army as Auron with help from the Rose Knights – elite soldiers that thrive in war! With 100 cards to choose from, every deck has something new to gain from Revelations.
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Blazewalkers are the warriors who were forged in the eternal flame.  These beings are said to be one with the fire and can call upon a burning passion to strike down their foes.

The Rose Knights are the most feared knights in Argos. Utilizing their diverse arsenal and cunning wit, these knights can single handedly turn the tide of any battle!

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