Release Event

Join our Kickstarter Exclusive Release Events, kicking off with the official release on August 1, 2019. Events will be held from August 1-4th at local game stores, featuring a full-art Ancient Serpent’s Breath promo just for entering!

Familiar with the Argent Saga TCG already? Don’t miss your first chance to prove your skills within the Argent Saga competitive community. Making the top cut of a Release Event will reward you with an EXCLUSIVE Full-Art GZ: The Explosion Master. A magical prodigy brimming with the power of Shardlight, GZ is capable of dealing massive damage to your opponent’s Units, though not without some collateral damage. The final champions of this event will be rewarded with a collectible metallic Argent Egg, as a trophy to show off your fantastic start to Argent Saga Organized Play!

*Limited Release – GZ: The Explosion Master Full Art Foil Card is Exclusive to this Kickstarter event.

Stay tuned! We will start adding stores to our locator early this July.
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