Iakuma Silencer

Shard Drain 1 (Return one of your Shards to the bottom of your Shard Deck.): Target Unit or Augment loses all abilities this turn.

“I’ve heard enough.”

Q: Can I stop an Arrive ability from resolving with Iakuma Silencer?
A: No. When the Unit with an Arrive ability enters the field, the ability triggers and goes into the queue. Removing the ability from the unit will not stop the queue from resolving. (See Priority – section 6)
Q: If I use Iakuma Silencer’s Shard Drain 1 ability on a unit equipped with Standard Shardsword, will the unit lose Target Attack and the +500?
A: The unit will lose the Target Attack ability gained from Standard Shardsword, but will not lose the +500. The +500 is a static effect given to the unit from Standard Shardsword. (See Static effects 9.3.4)
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