Eitan, Exiled Prince

Once per turn, pay 1 and sacrifice a Unit you control: Put into play one Air Unit from your hand whose cost is 1 greater than the sacrificed Unit.

Q: If I use Eitan, Exiled Prince’s ability to bring out a Skytree Blockadeship in front of a unit that has already declared an attack, what happens?
A: Skytree Blockadeship prevents units from being able to declare an attack. If that declaration has already happened, the unit would continue attacking as normal. (See declare attacks – 8.2)
Q: I activate and resolve Skyship Engineer’s Exhaust ability. Then, I use Eitan, Exiled Prince to sacrifice a 3 cost unit. When Eitan’s ability resolves, can I put a 5 cost Airship into play?
A: No. Skyship Engineer affects the “cost to play” of the Airships, not the actual cost. If you are not playing the card, it still has the same cost for the purpose of Eitan’s ability. (See cost to play – 9.4.7)
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