Ariana, Young Prodigy

Arrive (When this card enters the field zone.) – Search your deck for a card with “Kala” in its name and add it to your hand.
Pay 1: Return this card to its owner’s hand.

Q: Can Kala, Trusty Companion’s replacement ability be used if my Ariana, Young Prodigy would be destroyed by a Tower of Fire?
A: Yes. Kala’s ability is a replacement ability, so it does not use the queue, it simply happens instead. (See replacement effects – 9.3.5)
Q: If my Ariana, Young Prodigy were to be destroyed by damage, can my Kala, Trusty Companion be destroyed instead?
A: Technically, yes. You may still use Kala’s ability to destroy him instead of Ariana. However, Ariana would still have the damage on her, and she would be destroyed (again) before moving to the next priority sequence. (See Game Mechanics Damage – 10.2)
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