Argent Face Masks

Argent Face Masks use material that is found is most convential face mask filters and offer better protection than our Neck Masks. Each design showcases your favorite Champions and Spirits found in the world of Argos. If you are under 5 feet tall or a child, we suggest using the Small Size. For those who are above 5 feet but below 6 feet we suggest you use our Medium Size, and if you are 6 feet and taller we recommend the Large Size. Though, the sizes are also loosely based on head shape and size as well.  If you have a beard, you may find that the larger sizes work better.  And if you are very thin, the smaller sizes may fit you better.  *This product meets state mandates for face coverage in the public space and offers moderate protection. This product does not guarantee  a decrease in the probability of contracting any airborne viruses.


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