INSTRUCTIONS:  Fill out our “Shardpoint Redemption Form” and print a copy to be sent with your Shardpoint cards. Use the most updated form available when ordering or your order may be discarded.

Please utilize our Official Prize Wall to select items for Shardpoint purchase, and place each item’s code in the spaces provided. Please double check to make sure that you mail your form with the exact amount of points required. Excess Shardpoint cards will be discarded, and insufficient points will hinder us from completing your order.

Any item with a currently listed code will be available unless marked otherwise.

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  • minimum 40 shardpoints can be used/delivered at one time - make sure your order meets this requirement

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Prize Wall Details

  • minimum 40 shardpoints can be used/delivered at one time - make sure your order meets this requirement


Players can show their support for the world’s next big TCG by flaunting our premium merchandise. Wear your favorite Champion, Spirit, or other characters in style.

Premium Stitched Cloth Playmats (2-Player)

An absolute gem to the Argent Saga Prize Wall is the world’s highest quality playmat. This 2-player sized velvet suede mat comes in many different designs and colors to fit exactly what you are looking for. Critics muse that it’s almost like playing atop shardlight!

Metal Cards

Is your regular card stock just not cutting it anymore? The Argent Saga team has you covered. Our prize wall features standard-playable cards made from stainless steel-plated metal. These heavy duty cards are made for the most elite of players joining our game.

Copper Mugs

Prize #: 03-1000-00

Show off your Saga swag at the next game night with our officially branded Moscow Mule mugs. Each mug features a solid copper body with nickel lining that helps to keep your drinks colder for longer. They are perfect for cocktails, beer, and even iced tea.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to wash with water before use.

Betrayal Booster Box

Prize #: 03-0001-00

Booster Boxes are the ultimate gift our Prize Wall has to offer. Collectors who rack up enough Shardpoints can receive this bulk gift of 24 Booster Packs, just like displayed in stores. Each pack contains 10 cards, making a box total of 240 cards! Players even have a chance to win back Shardpoints after they are spent with this option.

Revelations Booster Box

Prize #: 03-0006-00

The stakes have been upped to cosmic proportions in the sophomore major release of the Argent Saga TCG: Booster Set 2: Revelations! Each Booster box contains 24 packs with 10 cards per pack, just like displayed in stores. Players even have a chance to win back Shardpoints after they are spent with this option.

Betrayal Booster Pack

Prize #: 03-0001-01

Arguably the most important item on our Prize Wall- the Booster Pack- is what allows players to trade in their hard-earned Shardpoints in order to get their hands on cards more quickly. Each pack contains 10 cards, and even a chance to win back Shardpoints after they are spent.

Revelations Booster Pack

Prize #: 03-0006-01

The heavily anticipated Booster Set 2 of the hottest TCG of the year features a plethora of powerful new cards to assist any of your favorite Elements, Spirits, or Champions! Each pack contains 10 cards, and even a chance to win back Shardpoints after they are spent.

Intro Decks

Join the battle with five unique Champions as you play through their journey full of struggles and hardship. Pick up an Intro Deck to power up your next element!

Art Prints

Pick up your favorite Champion or card art to show off on virtually any surface our fans decide to stick it to! Believe us, they can get creative. We warned you.

Promo Cards

Powerful Promo Cards are within your grasp!


Pick up a full set of custom dice printed with all of the elements currently found in shards.

Uncut Sheets

Looking for penultimate bragging rights, second only to being a 20-foot tall mechanical dragon man? These limited uncut sheets of cards will surely have your Saga friends gawking in no time.

Custom Metal Prints

Forged by the Tower of Fire, these metal aluminum prints have the power to overthrow the Silver King himself.


These rubber playmats serve more than just pure protection. Show off our detailed card artwork when playing against friends and rivals alike!


Prize #: 03-5000-00

Help support the game by wearing one of these stylish purple lanyards. Just think of all of the items you can hang from it! Keys! Badges! Your Washing Machine! Whatever floats your boat.

*We do not condone the use of an Argent Saga Lanyard as a child leash.


How does Ash the Glacial Sorcerer stay warm riding that ice dragon all day? He pulls over one of these bad boys.

The following items are not currently available on our Prize Wall, but will be coming soon. They will be stocked shortly and may appear at our next event featuring the Prize Wall.

Lapel Pins

Who doesn’t love lapel pins? These graphics of your favorite Argent Saga characters can be pinned and worn virtually anywhere you can think of. Make other players jealous while also supporting your favorite trading card game!

Coffee Cups

Caffeine-addict or not, we’re sure you will love drinking any refreshment out of this premium Argent Saga branded mug.

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure to wash with water before use.


Whether you’re staying warm in the winter of Gloom district, or keeping the Tower of Fire’s blazing light off of your face, the power of Argos has you covered. We’re sure our players will look super stylish in these regardless.

Giant Cards

We at the Argent Saga team are sad to announce that our attempts to create biological versions of your favorite Argos creatures and characters all were unsuccessful. The bright side is that you can own a massively over-sized version of that card you love playing so much. We’ll keep working on bringing the Leviathan to life in the meantime.


Highly sought after during the rule of the Silver King, these Argent Saga socks make long travels by foot cool again. We advise that owners keep them locked up in drawers so that gnomes don’t get to them!


They’re silky smooth just like Dragonholt likes.


Made from the finest Carbuncle furs around.

* Point values are subject to change

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