Pre-Release Kit

Argent Saga Betrayal Pre-Release Kit $180.00 + $10 Shipping USD.

July 26–28, 2019 Weekend

This Pre-Release Kit contains content for 10 Players:

  • 30 Booster Packs
  • 10 Intro Decks
  • 10 Exclusive Pre-Release Full-Art Foil Cards
  • 2 Exclusive Stitched Character Playmats
  • 20 Booster Prize Packs
  • $30 Maximum Entry


Add a kit where you can sell 12 booster boxes early per kit for $600. This promotion only allows the sale of full booster boxes during the dates July 26–28. Players can also preorder at your location and pick up the product between July 26–28. These boxes may not be shipped out online until the official release date. Any remaining boxes may be sold on the official release date of August 1.

Alter Reality Games is proud to announce the Argent Saga Betrayal Pre-Release Event taking place July 26–28, 2019 at stores around North America. This event will give you the opportunity to preview the Betrayal booster set and Intro Decks the weekend before its official release on August 1, 2019. Collect an exclusive full-art promotional card! Learn our new game, make some new friends, and have some fun supporting your local Argent Saga Game Store while getting your hands on Betrayal cards before anyone else!

Argent Saga Pre-Release Events will be run at local select game stores. Don’t get left out! Ask your local game store about hosting a Betrayal Pre-Release event today!


Retailers, Contact ARG for more information to how to host a pre-release party


Don’t miss the first opportunity to grow an Argent Saga Trading Card Community or get one started! Pre-order your Pre-Release Kit to guarantee your store a Pre-Release by backing the Argent Saga Retailer Kickstarter or order direct at

Each Pre-Release kit includes content for ten (10) players. Each player will receive three (3) booster pack displays and one (1) intro deck and one (1) full art promotional card. Also, twenty (20) additional booster packs for prizing and two exclusive character stitched game mats to be given out randomly.

Set a time on July 26–28 for the event and advertise it in your store and community. Download a poster and some other digital images to post up in your store.

At the announced time, run a swiss tournament.

The Pre-Release event must be at least three rounds.  Give each player an intro deck along with three booster packs to construct a deck. They also receive an exclusive Pre-Release full art foil card that they cannot include in their deck. The exact number of rounds and how many pre-release events you run is up to your store. If you event is going to be more than ten players you can buy multiple kits. Also, your store can distribute the booster pack prizing any way you would like as long as it is announced before the event starts. We suggest that you take pre-registration for the event and use our digital images to help advertise your event.

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