Event Recap
The Online Local (Saga Showcase)

Kalen Nelson hosted the very first Argent Saga Showcase of 2020 that was entirely based online! The event had an amazing turnout with players from all over the world to win the title of Champion and prizing! 

The Saga showcase was played with online table top simulators and streamed live on twitch with play-by-play commentary given by Kalen!

Top 8 Standings
  • Kalen Nelson
  • Austin Lemire
  • Carter Mitchell
Commentary/ Host
  • Kalen Nelson

Top 8 Match Coverage:

1. Greg Cross - Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer / Sola, the Light Spirit


8. Benjamin Gibson - Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer / Tux, the Emperor Spirit

After 5 rounds of swiss, Greg Cross finished as the number 1 seed with a 4-0-1 record. His undefeated record with his Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer and Sola, the Light Spirit deck put him at the top of the standings heading into Top Cut. Greg’s opponent in the first round of top cut is Benjamin Gibson. Ben finished 3-2  after swiss with Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer and Tux, the Emperor Spirit. Both players are the only Hoenna decks in Top 8, and this mirror match guaranteed one Hoenna deck in Top 4. Greg is playing Sola with Vi, Matron of Miracles, and Ben is playing Tux with Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress. Both of these players are experienced Hoenna players, and they often compete in The Online Local weekly events.

Game 1

During Top Cut matches the highest seeded player chooses who plays first. Greg Cross, the number 1 seed heading into Top Cut choose to go first in the first game of his match with Benjamin Gibson. 

Greg begins the game by playing a Playful Imp from his hand. Ben plays a Failed Golem #1. The first turns of the game are uneventful with both players playing a single unit for their turn, but will set up how the entire rest of the game plays out. 

Greg begins his second turn by entering combat with Playful Imp, eventually attacking Ben’s Tower of Embers. Greg ends his turn after playing a Hidden Laboratory, adding 3 counters to his champion. Benjamin attacks with his Failed Golem #1, destroying Greg’s Tower of Air. Ben uses Tux’s triggered ability and plays a hidden lab of his own. At the end of Ben’s turn, Greg uses Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer to put a Golem token into play. At this point both players control their own Hidden Laboratory. Greg has 0 counters on his Champion, but controls a Playful Imp and a 1500 power Golem token. Benjamin controls no units, but has 4 counters on Hoenna and has destroyed Greg’s Tower of Air.  

Greg attacks with his Playful Imp, dealing 1000 damage to Ben’s face down Tower of Darkness. Greg then pays 1 to play Failed Golem #1 and uses Hidden Lab’s Exhaust ability to sacrifice Failed Golem #1. Sending Liyu, Avarice Reborn to the discard, Greg sacrificed Playful Imp to put Liyu into play. Playful Imp’s ruined ability declare Playful Imp and Benjamin revealed his hand showing no copies of the declared card. Greg attacked with the Golem token he put into play at the end of the last turn, destroying the Tower of Water. Greg ended his turn with recovering his Golem token using Sola, the Light Spirit. Ben used his Hoenna to put into play a Golem token at the end of Greg’s turn, giving him a unit to attack with on his turn. Ben begins his turn by attacking Greg’s towers with his Golem token. Before the Guardian Step, Greg uses Sola, the Light Spirit’s Soulburst to put a Knight token with Guardian into play and block the incoming attack. Ben responsed with an Omega Magic: Mizu, returning the exhausted Knight token to Greg’s hand. The Golem token destroys Greg’s Tower of Light and Greg puts another Knight token into play. After using Tux’s triggered ability Ben ends his turn. 

Greg enters combat at swings with his 1500 power Golem token into the Tower of Embers. Ben chooses to deal all the damage from Emebers to Liyu, Avarivce Reborn destroying it. Greg sacrifices his Golem token to put his Liyu back into play. Greg then attacks with his Knight token, but Ben plays Ancient Serpent’s Breath targeting Greg’s Knight token. Greg follows this up by placing Hoenna, Horrific Perfection on top of Liyu. Greg uses Hoenna’s activated ability to Offering 0 to destroy Ben’s Golem token, but Ben uses Hidden Lab to sacrifice the golem and draw a card. Greg attacks with his Omega unit, destroying Ben’s Tower of Air. After picking up Hoenna and the Liyu underneath, Greg passed the turn. Ben’s forth turn consisted of a second Hidden Laboratory and a Playful Imp. 

Greg uses his Champion’s activated ability to put a Golem Token into play at the end of Ben’s turn. Greg starts his fifth turn by entering combat with his Golem token, attacking towers. Ben plays another Ancient Serpent’s Breath to return the Golem token and stall another attack. Greg plays another Hidden Laboratory and puts another Golem into play. Then Greg plays a Golem of Avarice, randomly discarding an Omega Magic: Yami from Ben’s hand. Ben makes a golem on the end of Greg’s turn. Ben swings with imp tinto tower of darkness and then swings with his golem token into the tower of Water. Greg draws 2 cards and puts a Yuki, the Lightning Flash into play from his hand. Ben uses his tux to draw a card and discard a Liyu from his hand. Sacrificing his Playful Imp on the field, Ben puts his Liyu into play and his Imp’s Ruined trigger into the queue. Ben uses Playful Imp’s Ruined ability to discard Hoenna, Horrific Perfection from Greg’s hand, then Ben plays another Playful Imp. Using one of his Hidden Laboratory, he sacrificed Liyu, Avarice Reborn to draw a card, but then sacrifices his Playful Imp for Liyu’s Triggered ability. Using his second Playful Imp ability this turn, Ben knew he wanted to call Golem of Vengeance.

Greg begins his turn by attacking with his Golem Token, and Ben responds with an Omega Magic: Mizu to stop the attack and exhaust Yuki. Greg uses Lab to sac the golem to draw a card. Greg then attacks Ben’s face-down Tower of Light with his other Golem token. Greg takes control of the Knight token Ben put into play from the Tower of Light by playing Golem of Allurement, but Ben plays his final Ancient Serpent’s Breath to return the Knight token and draw a card. At the end of Greg’s turn, Ben puts a Golem token into play.

Ben has destroyed Greg’s Tower of Air, Tower of Light, and Tower of Water, and has a two Golem tokens and a Liyu, Avarice Reborn on the field. Greg’s Tower of Darkness is also face up from a previous attack from a Playful Imp, so Ben knows the last face down tower is Tower of Embers. Ben starts by attacking the Tower of Embers with one of his Golem tokens. Greg chooses to destroy the other Golem token and deal 1000 to Liyu. With only the Tower of Darkness left, Ben played a Hidden Laboratory and used the counters to put a Golem token into play. Then Ben attacked the Tower of Darkness with Liyu, before attacking Greg for the game with Hoenna, Horrific Perfection. 


*Prizing Subject to Change

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