Online Saga Showcase - January 9th, 2021

This event will take place on the Argent Saga Discord server, and will allow players to play with physical cards from the comfort of their own home! This event will have some requirements:
     – Players must have a Discord account in order to communicate properly with their opponent.
     – Players must have a webcam or camera that is able to stream their field to their opponent through discord.
     – Players must have a complete deck and can only use physical cards. Untap and Tabletop Simulator will not be an option.
     – Deck lists will be required for this event. Players will need to submit their deck list before 10:30am EST on January 9th in order to be entered into Round 1. 

Using Discord’s features, players will be able to communicate properly with their opponent while viewing the opponent’s field. A player’s hand must be visible at all times, and their entire field must be clear and obvious. This includes a player’s Shard Deck, Shard Zone, Towers, Champion, Spirit, Augment Zone and Expel Zone. No cards may be off camera at anytime. Players are required to have a webcam or camera that is able to capture their entire field. Failure to have a clear image while playing through Discord may result in removal from the tournament. Please be sure to keep all other players in mind while playing at home.

This event will feature open deck lists, meaning before Round 1 all deck lists will be made public. Players will be able to view their opponent’s deck list at anytime during the tournament. 

*This event will be capped at 32 players. Refunds for this event will not be issued. 

Event Schedule

Check in + deck list submission – 10:30am EST 
     * Players will be required to check in on Discord and submit their deck list before 10:30am EST

Round 1 – 11am EST – 11:50am EST
Round 2 – 12pm EST – 12:50pm EST
Round 3 – 1pm EST – 1:50am EST
Round 4 – 2pm EST – 2:50pm EST
Round 5 – 3pm EST – 3:50pm EST

Top 8 – 5pm EST – 5:50pm EST
Top 4 – 6pm EST – 6:50pm EST
Finals – 7pm EST – 7:50pm EST 

Each round will be 50 minutes + 3 turns and players will have a maximum of 5 minutes to finish their 3 turns. Players will report their match results in the Discord, and failure to do so could result in a double game loss for both players.

Event Prizing:

Participation: Full Art Silverstone Sentinel promo card + Event sticker
     *Players can sign up for the Playmat + Registration option in order to also receive a Saga Showcase Playmat

1st Place: GOLD Metal Kyte, the Air Spirit + 3 Booster Boxes of Echoes of Hokken
2nd Place: SILVER Metal Kyte, the Air Spirit + 2 Booster Boxes of Echoes of Hokken
3rd Place: BRONZE Metal Kyte, the Air Spirit + 1 Booster Box of Echoes of Hokken
4th Place: Rainbow Metal Kyte, the Air Spirit + 1 Booster Box of Echoes of Hokken  
Top 8: Rainbow Metal Kyte, the Air Spirit

Top 50%: Foil Full Art Sandsea Traveler promo card

Tavern Brawlers Warm-Up Event!

Leigh and the Tavern Brawlers are hosting an online tournament the day before the Showcase for players to get warmed up before the event the next day! Come test your set up, get familiar with playing online, and get your deck ready to go for the Showcase. Not only is this going to be a great precursor to the Saga Showcase, but this event features some pretty amazing prizing as well! 

Argos Anonymous Youtube Tutorial

Argos Anonymous put together a great demonstration video on how to set up your camera/webcam in order to be able to view your entire field while also showing your hand without revealing it. This video is a great watch if you aren’t sure how to set your field up, or unsure if you have the equipment available. Argos Anonymous 

Some helpful hints while playing in this event:

– A high quality webcam/camera will help your opponent see what cards on are your field and will help with any confusion that may come with playing online. You can find tutorial videos on how to set up your webcam/phone to be able to view your entire field + your hand on youtube for other games. That same process should be sufficient, but you should test it out before the event to be sure! 
– Be as communitive as possible when playing. Be sure your opponent understands what you are attempting to do. The more you communicate, the less likely confusion is to arise. Be clear and concise on which Tower you are attacking, when you are passing priority, or when you are playing cards. Limit background noise and other distractions while playing.
– If you have any confusion during you games, do not be afraid to call a judge for assistance. Judges are here to help facilitate gameplay and ensure the event runs smoothly!
– Keep your hands above the table and visible at all times.
– Have a way to easily look cards up. Instead of asking your opponent to read their card’s effect to you, have your phone or tablet by your side to easily look up the exact text of a card! 

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