Event Recap
Online Saga Showcase - August 7-9th, 2020

Date: August 7th – 9th, 2020
Host: The Online Local
Location: ONLINE

Stay tuned for LIVE updates and coverage of the Online Saga Showcase on August 7th – 9th here!

Champion Spirit Breakdown
Event Standings
Standings after Round 4

Update after Round 4:
The last matches for Saturday are in, and Round 5 is posted! Player will have until 11pm CST Sunday, August 9th to finish the 5th round. 

Players who have clinched their spot in Top 8:
Jimmy Le (3-0-1), Wyatt Brannock (3-0-1), Nik Katebian (3-0-1)

Players with 9 Points:
Jeff Creasy (3-1), Reina Adriano (3-1), Ryan Valentino (3-1) 

Players with 6 or more points:
Donavon LaBelle (2-1-1), Ben Barham (2-2), Gregory Mayberry (2-2), Jan Muniz-Garcia (2-2), Oshuan Alvarez (2-2), Wilfred Worland (2-2)

After Round 3

Update after Round 3:
Heading into the final round of Saturday night there are 3 undefeated players, each with a different deck! 6 other players are close behind with 6 match points, and the 6 players with 3 match points are still alive for Top 8 contention. Good luck to all the players in Round 4!

Decks with a 3-0 record:
Liam, Traitor of Knights + Kyte, the Air Spirit
Gillian, the Witch Queen + Spirit of Strigra 
Eitan, Exiled Prince + Spirit of Ursatovis


*Prizing Subject to Change

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