Argent Saga offers international shipping and has a wide variety of products! Pick up an intro deck or a booster box of the newest set, but don’t forget to check out all the awesome playmats, sleeves, and other merchandise we have to offer as well. Spend your Shardpoints over at the Prize Wall!

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Promotional Details

At Amikon and Argent Saga, we realize that it may be difficult for some players to access our newer products, like Booster Set 3: Ascension and Ascension Draft Kits, with many LGS’s currently closed for government health requirements. This page will allow you to access Argent Saga products and will support your local game stores. 30% of each purchase will go back into supporting your LGS. Simply enter the name of your LGS in the ‘order notes’ section upon checkout, and your LGS’s account will be credited with 30% of your purchased order. 

New to Argent Saga?

If you are brand new to the world of Argos, try one of our Welcome Packs, designed for new players to learn the rules of the game with each other.
Already know how to play and ready to test your skills even further? The Element Packs feature a ready-to-play 40 card deck with a playmat and dice from your favorite element!

LGS Packs are available for a limited time!

Usually these 1 card packs can only be found at your local game store, but for a little while longer you can find LGS Pack Vol 2 and 3 on here!

These 1 card packs always have a beautiful full art card inside, and if you’re lucky enough you may find a From the Vault or Serial Card!

Draft Kits

A Draft Kit comes with everything 6 people will need to draft a deck and play Argent Saga! 

Receive the newest Argent Saga Lootbox Collection at the beginning of each month! Lootboxes feature new promo cards, awesome merchandise, and other great surprises!

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