The following judges will be appearing at the Argent Saga Championship I – September 2019. We promise that they don’t bite!
Meet Judge - Austin Lemire

Austin Lemire

Head Judge

Warwick, RI
ABOUT: “North East judge”
Meet Judge - John Patterson

John Patterson

Assistant Head Judge

St Petersburg, FL
ABOUT: “John started his card game career playing Magic back when revised was the base set. He got his first experience judging when his local store needed a Judge to run FNM. He continued on Judging and playing in local events and eventually earning his level 2 status and winning his first pro point in MTG during Ravinca States. He was also a ranked player in D&D Minis and Dreamblade. Then John took a hiatus from organized play to raise a family. After his son went off to college John returned to gaming playing EDH and Magic sealed events. At one of these events John began playing Dagonball on the side and started judging working his way up to head judging some of the premier events around the country. With this he began his relationship with ARG and started learning Argent Saga so that when it was released he was able to be one of the starting Level 2 Judges and had the honor of Head Judging Gencon. John is based out of St Petersburg, Fl but travels all over the country to help out with major events.”
Meet Judge - Anthony Julian

Anthony Julian

Monroe, OH
ABOUT: “Big green lantern fan.”
Meet Judge - Chris Dixson

Chris Dixson

Charlotte, NC
ABOUT: “A judge for the Charlotte, NC region. Chris is always looking for new people who want to learn the game. Former Weiss Schwarz player.”
Meet Judge - Damien Hardy

Damien Hardy

Champaign, IL
ABOUT: “Midwest area judge looking to ensure fairness and fun while protecting the integrity of the game. Always love teaching new people the game and growing the community. Feel free to reach out to me or say hi when you see me at events!”
Meet Judge - Dennis Gleason

Dennis Gleason

Little Egg Harbor, NJ
ABOUT: “Your Judge at the Jersey Shore.”
Meet Judge - Edward Leon

Edward Leon

Yonkers, NY
ABOUT: “Edward Leon, judge in the North East area of the United States. May be recognized from judging Cardfight Vanguard. He started judging Cardfight Vanguard for ARG Circuit Series and has been judging ever since, now he wishes to continue judging for Argent Saga and wishes for continued the growth of the game.”
Meet Judge - Kel McGuire

Kel McGuire

New Castle, IN
ABOUT: “Indiana local who hopes to promote a fair and enjoyable event for everyone.”
Meet Judge - Nick Harwood

Nick Harwood

Fishers, IN
ABOUT: “I’m just that guy.”
Meet Judge - Noah Mesa

Noah Mesa

San Antonio, TX
ABOUT: “Judge for the San Antonio area. Former ambassador for Argent Saga.”
Meet Judge - Steven Gramlich copy

Steven Gramlich

Aka “GoBack2Spaces”

Garland, TX
ABOUT: “Texas judge in the DFW area. E-mail [me] and let’s grow the game and community together.”
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