Lootbox Collection 08: Relic Collection

Argent Saga Lootbox Collection 08: Relic Collection contains a brand new Argent unit, Professor Damous, Outlandish Engineer! By exhausting this card you can sacrifice a unit you control and trigger the Arrive ability of that unit! Not only will you get 1 of these new cards, but you will also get 5 token cards inside the Lootbox Collection 08: Relic Collection box! Each box will include 6 promo cards and a special Metal card, along with various other Argent Saga merchandise and products. The Argent Saga Lootbox Collection is a monthly subscription featuring a new design and contents each month, and players can sign up for the subscription and will be shipped their new box at the beginning of each month!

Lootbox Collection 08: Relic Collection is $54.99 and will ship early February 2021.

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Subscription Disclaimer:
You will be billed for the subscription the day you sign up, and then again on that same day each month after. Each month’s payment will be for the lootbox that ships on the first day of the next month.
When you sign up for the Argent Saga Lootbox subscription, you will receive the lootbox that ships out at the beginning of next month. You will then be billed the same amount on the same day you signed up for the lootbox subscription the following month, and that payment will be for the lootbox the next month. 
*Canceling a subscription does not refund payments made up to the point in time of cancellation
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