LGS Championship

March 14th – March 15th 2020

LGS Championships are higher level store run events where players can earn amazing prizes and Cup Points for playing at the event! Top preforming stores can qualify to host an LGS Championship by hosting weekly events, monthly ACQs, and continuing to grow and build their community. More information about the promo cards, Cup Points, and other additional prizing for the LGS Championships can be found below. 

LGS Championships will be Best of 1 swiss rounds, with a best of 3 Top Cut. Both the number of swiss rounds and the amount of players who will qualify for Top Cut will be determined by the number of players in the event. Deck lists will be required for this event, be sure to remember to fill out the side deck portion of your deck list for Top Cut! Entry fee and additional prizing for this event is up to the LGS. 

Below are stores who have qualified to host LGS Championships and have scheduled their event in ERRES.

Store NameStore AddressCityStateCountryEmailDateTimeERRES Link
Gongaii Games Inc.10200 SW Allen Blvd Suite ABeavertonORUSAinfo@gongaii.com03/14/202010:00 AMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3158853399
Open World Gaming1120 N Pleasantburg DrGreenvilleSCUSAopenworldgamingcenter@gmail.com03/14/202010:00 AMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3401603774
Big Nick’s Sports Cards and MORE3902 13th Ave S #100FargoNDUSAjwolly_03@hotmail.com03/14/202012:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=2764782330
Jesse James Comics5140 W Peoria Ave #100GlendaleAZUSAgamingatjjs@gmail.com03/14/20202:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3692561009
Cards and Comics Connection1717 North Frazier Street Suite HConroeTXUSAcardscomicsconnection@gmail.com03/14/20202:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3140650680
Tyler’s CCGs1548 Gallia StPortsmouthOHUSAtylersccgs@gmail.com03/14/20204:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3158853399
Mothership Books and Games2121 West Parmer Lane Suite 119AustinTXUSAlauren@mothershipatx.com03/15/202011:30 AMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=2776131503
Waypoint Cafe NYC65 ludlow Street ground floor, New YorkNew YorkNYUSAinfo@waypointgamer.com03/15/202012:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3285712542
SCG Hobby1450 oakland ave Unit 1IndianaPAUSAscghobby.store@gmail.com03/15/202012:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3052946556
Swords & Boards1635 N. Dixie Blvd.RadcliffKYUSAswordandboardgames.radcliff@gmail.com03/15/20201:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=2774427752
Finch and Sparrow Games2633 E. 28th St Suite 618Signal HillCAUSAmike@finchandsparrowgames.com03/15/20201:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=4152673251
The Game Capital805 Main Avenue De PereWIUSAthegamecapitalshop@gmail.com03/15/20201:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=2651060533
Descent Into Gaming5205 33rd St EBradentonFLUSAgene@descentintogaming.com03/15/20203:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3438469129
Game Garrison6328 Five Mile Centre Park Suite 412FredericksburgVAUSAgamegarrisonva@gmail.com03/15/20205:00 PMhttps://ranked.games/events_info?eventID=3971241169

*Last Updated 3/2/2020

Prizing Information

The chart above showcases the prizing amount for cup points at LGS Championships.

*Two National Championship Invites are given out to the two highest placing players who do not already have a 2020 Invite

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