What is Legend League?

Legend League offers a different way to play Argent Saga, as it uses the unique Legend Rule! The Legend Rule states that you can only include one copy of each card in your deck, drastically changing the way you build your deck and play your cards. 

Legend League is hosted on every Monday and Wednesday night with either a League night or a Roundtable discussion. Every other Monday, WildPaulx streams a live Roundtable discussion on Twitch, talking about various topics concerning Legend League. On the Monday nights that there is no Roundtable, players will have a League night to earn some points to qualify for the Top 6 Playoff at the end of the month. Wednesday nights are reserved exclusively for League. After four weeks, the Top 6 players will move onto a single elimination playoff to crown a Champion!

What is the Legend Rule?

The Legend Rule is very simple, you can only play a single copy of each card in your deck. This includes cards in your Shard Deck, but doesn’t include Argent Shards so you can still play as many of those as you would like. 

Additional Rules:

  • You may play any number of Silver King’s Pawn in your deck
Banned Cards:
  • Gloom Oligarch

League nights are FREE to play in and take place every other Monday and every Wednesday night from 7pm EST – 11pm EST. You can find the monthly schedule below to check when League is happening! Using the sign-up form below, players will be entered into a queue to play a single game. Players are able to select whether they want to play their game on Untap, Tabletop Simulator, or either. Pairings will be found in the Argent Saga Discord under the Legend League channel, and that is also where players will report their game. After reporting, players are more than welcome to sign-up again using the same form or can choose to stop playing for the night. Players are able to sign-up for a game anytime before 11pm EST on League nights, and do not have to be present at the beginning or end of the night. Players are able to modify their deck in between signing up for games.

Every game a player wins they will be awarded a point for playing, up to 20 games. Whenever a player wins a game, they will be awarded an additional point up to 20 wins. So a player may accumulate 20 points through just playing games, and then another 20 through wins. At the end of each month, the Top 6 players will have the opportunity to play in a Top 6 Playoff for prizing!

Roundtable Discussion

Every other Monday night, Paul and Damien will be discussing a variety of topics concerning Legend League from the current standings and looking forward to talking about cards that may warrant a ban. 

Seeding Tiebreakers
  • Number of wins
  • Total Win %
  • Total games played
  • Head to Head
If two players are still tied, they will play a single game against each other for the final tiebreaker.
Top 6 Playoff

After 4 weeks of League, the 6 players with the most points will compete in a single elimination bracket to crown a Champion! The 2 players with the most points after the League season will be given a bye into the Semi finals, securing prizing for themselves. 

The playoffs will be Bo3 – 1hr matches, and will be streamed by Wildpaul! Players will need to submit deck lists for this event.

  • 1st place: Exclusive WildPaulx playmat + Sealed Booster Box
  • 2nd place: 12 Booster Packs
  • 3rd place: 6 Booster Packs
  • 4th place: 6 Booster Packs
Monthly Schedule
Current Standings
Previous Winners

December Champion

Jimmy Le

November Champion

Jimmy Le

October Champion

Jimmy Le

September Champion

Ben Barham

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