What are Argent Saga Judges?

They are Judges for local to premiere and higher level events. They are dedicated members of the community that have an understanding of the Game Rules, Floor Rules, and Tournament Guidelines.

A Judge should always wish to continue bettering themselves along with sharing their knowledge and understanding of the game to those around them.

Why do you want to be a Judge?

There are many reasons why somebody would want to become a Judge for Argent Saga, but here are just a few examples of reasons why you should become one.
  • Being a positive member of the community.
  • Wanting to help your local community grow.
  • Having a love for the game.
  • Resume Building.
  • Enjoying working with a team of others that are as passionate about the game as you.
  • To keep bettering yourself.
  • Wanting to make sure that tournament events are handled properly.

How to present yourself as a Judge

All Judges need to carry themselves in a respectable manner and follow these examples.
  • Keep a respectable manner in person AND online.
  • Never hold yourself above other Judges or Players.
  • Help promote your local community.
  • Never show yourself in a negative manner in person AND online.
  • Stay up to date with Game Rules, Floor Rules and Tournament Guidelines etc
  • Always dress properly, groomed and proper hygiene.
  • Always be Neutral with all playing parties and unbiased approach towards situations.

What is expected of a Judge at a Store Event?

  • Explaining rules to players.
  • Utilize a more relaxed penalty enforcement.
  • Make sure events being held are always enjoyable.
  • Work with the store in running events.

What is expected of a Judge at Convention/Premiere Events?

  • Helping the Tournament Organizer and Staff.
  • Be early to the event you are working at.
  • Dressing in proper uniform.
  • Enforce more moderate ruling.
  • Be able to work on your feet for most of the day. A Convention/Premiere level event can go on for an entire day, and you will need to be able to perform your various tasks throughout.
  • Following the instructions were given to you by the Tournament Organizer which will be different tasks that may be in helping with set up of the tournament and other things to help the event run smoothly.

Judge Levels

The Argent Saga Judge Program has multiple ranks you can move up through as a Judge. We want to grow a strong, respectable Judge community and look forward to working with our Judges in bringing out the best of their potential. For more information about the Judge Program and list of responsibilities check out the Argent Saga Official Floor Rules and Tournament Guidelines.
  • Judge Rank 1
  • Judge Rank 2
  • Judge Rank 3
For those with more intensive rules knowledge and love to travel to larger scale events. You’ll be working as an entry level Judge in learning how to help out at Tournaments and working your way up to become a Rank 2 Judge.

Starting events for Rank 1 Judges will be Argent Cups & Regionals.
These are the Judges who have put in the leg work and constantly show support to the Argent Saga LGS, Argent Cups, Championships & the above. You are knowledgeable of all the Rules, Floor Rules, and Tournament guidelines. You’ll have experience when working events and be heavily considered over others when applying.

Rank 2 Judges are those we look forward to Head Judging our events and provide a positive role for all future Judges.
The most prestigious of Judges held at the highest standard. This is for Judges who have put in dedication, consistency, and perfect knowledge of the rules. Judges who one day obtain this rank will be assigned to different regions where they are located and be over helping grow Judges in those areas with overseeing the Judge test.

Rank 3 Judges are the ones we are looking towards having be our Head Judges for National & Worlds events.

Rank 2 Judge Test

Please email judge@argentsaga.com to find out how you can become a Level 2 Judge. The test will be taken in-person the Friday of Argent Saga Championships.
Rank 2 Judge Test will include:
  • In-person interview
  • Short written test
  • Review based upon your judging ability throughout the weekend
Requirements to maintain being a Rank 2 Level Judge:
  • You must Head Judge a Saga Regional OR Floor Judge a Championship every 6 months.

Rules Adviser

This is a position for a store employee to attain. We suggest all stores include a Rules Adviser when hosting local events and helping with game information.
We will make Judges available to assist your stores Rule Adviser for Argent Cups and bigger events.

How to Become an Argent Saga Judge

To become a Judge, fill out our quick Judge Program Application. If you have any further questions, please email judge@argentsaga.com.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address
  • Why do you want to become a Judge?
  • Previous Judging experience?

Once approved you will receive an email within the next couple of business days with the official test to take. If you pass the test, you will be posted on the Judge List with your Rank.

If you fail the test you will have to wait one week to take the Rank 1 Judge Test again, and if you fail a second time it will be over a month before you can take it again.

Judge Rewards

When Judging events, points will be added to your Judge Account on ERRES based on the player attendance. Points will be redeemable for exclusive Judge Prizes – Coming soon.

*Make sure when you judge a locals Argent Cup, Saga Regionals, or Argent Saga Championship that your name is listed on ERRES as the judge for that particular event.
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