How to Play Argent Saga

Welcome to Argos

Argent Saga is a 2-player card game where opponent’s are fighting for control of the ever important Elemental Towers! These towers are able to harness the energy of Shardlight in the world of Argos, and help fuel each Element with the power they need.

This brief How to Play guide will show you how each card plays a role in the game, and quickly explain the underlying rules to the game. To fully grasp how to play Argent Saga, you can read over the Comprehensive Rules for a very detailed explanation of the rules. 

You can also watch the Getting Started videos if you prefer to watch others walk through the processes, and use the Gameplay hub page to find additional resources.

Please read the Argent Saga Floor Rules before attending an event! 


When constructing your deck you will need to start with the Champion card. This card always begins the game face-up in the Champion Zone, and has unique abilities you have access to throughout the game. Your Champion determines what Element you can play in your deck, and is often crucial to your deck’s strategy.

Since your Champion is always on the field and can often times use their abilities multiple times during a game, it is wise to design your deck around the strong suits of your Champion. For example, Dragonholt, the Dracoborg is utilized best in a deck centered around Dragon units, because he is able to add non-Legendary Dragon units from your deck to your hand with his Exhaust ability!


Spirits aid you in battle, and allow you to play cards from a different element in your main deck! Each Spirit has an affinity number in the top left hand corner of the card, and you may play that many cards in your deck from that Spirit’s Element if you would like.  Similar to Champions, Spirits begin the game face-up in the Spirit Zone and may have static or activated abilities that will help further your strategy.

Deciding what Spirit to use alongside your Champion open the doors to many different possibilities and strategies before even beginning a game! Spirits also have a powerful Soulburst ability that flips them face-down for the rest of the game. Be sure to save your Soulburst for the right time!


In Argent Saga Shards produce Shardlight, which is the main source of energy in Argos. Shardlight is how you will pay the cost in the top left hand corner of each card. Players will begin the game with 10 cards in their Shard deck, and will put the top card of their Shard Deck into play each turn. 

There are many different Shards in Argos, and some have special abilities or legendary effects. Players is limited to 10 cards in their shard deck, but can play any number of Basic Shards, 3 of each Special Shards, and 1 of each Legendary Shard. Whenever the turn player puts the top card of their Shard Deck into play each turn, they also recover any exhausted cards during the Charge Phase. 


Towers help harness the power of Shardlight, unique energy produced by Shards. Without any towers, a player is vulnerable to any attack. Each player begins the game with 5 towers, one representing each Element in Argos. Towers are revealed to both players, but then are shuffled and place face-down in the Tower Zones. Neither player knows where any tower is located, and they must stay face-down until they are attacked. These towers are the player’s defense to being defeated, without them a single attack will win the game. Once you have destroyed all 5 of your opponent’s towers, dealing any amount of damage to your opponent’s towers will claim victory.

Each Tower has a defense on the top of the card. This is how much damage that tower can take in a single turn without being destroyed. Once a tower is destroyed the ability on the tower happens right away and does not use the queue, so neither player has time to react. Most abilities on towers are designed to help keep players in the game when their opponent is chipping away at their defense. Once a tower has been destroyed it will be rotated 180 degrees to show it is destroyed.

What goes in your Main Deck?

After selecting your Champion, Spirit, 5 towers and the 10 Shards you are bringing to battle, it is time you build the rest of your deck. Your Main Deck consists of 40 cards and includes Units, Spells, and Augment cards, all used to advance your strategy and take down your opponent. Unit cards are placed on the field and are vital in attacking and destroying your opponent’s Towers. Spells and Augments can be used to control the field and set up your game plan. You can play 3 of each card, unless it is a Legendary card then you can only include one of that card in your deck. Keep in mind your Spirit’s Affinity while building your deck!

Setting up and Beginning a Game

At the beginning of each game both players will reveal their towers to their opponent before shuffling them and placing them face-down in the Tower Zones. Players will decide which player will go first using a random method, and then each player will draw 5 cards. Starting with the player going first, each player will choose any number of cards from their hand to place to the bottom of their deck then draw until they have 5 cards in their hand again. Once both players have preformed their mulligan, the first player will start the game, but will skip their draw phase during the first turn of the game. A player begins their turn with the Draw Phase where they draw 1 card from their deck. Then they will move to the Charge Phase, where they place the top card of their Shard Deck into their Shard Zone and recover all their cards on the field. After their Charge Phase, the player begins their Main Phase.
*Please be sure to read through the Comprehensive Rules to understand all the different parts to each Phase!

Playing Cards and Abilities

Each card has a Shardlight cost in the top left hand corner that tells you how much it will cost to play that card. Once you have paid the cost and done any additional actions to play the card, it is added to the queue. After each player passes priority to the opponent without the other person adding any cards or abilities to the queue, the most recent card or ability will resolve. Apply its effect, and if it is a unit, now is when you select and place that card into a Unit Zone. Spell cards go to the discard once played, and Augments will be placed in the Augment Zone unless they specify otherwise. Then repeat the process for any remain cards or abilities until the queue is empty. Activated abilities and cards with Instacast can be played anytime the player has priority. Be sure to read the Comprehensive Rules Section 6) Priority to understand how priority sequences work, and Section 9.4) Play Cards and Abilities to better understand all the steps to playing a card or ability.


The main way to win in a game of Argent Saga is to destroy all 5 of your opponent’s towers and finish your opponent off with one last attack! During a player’s Main Phase they may declare that they are attempting to enter the Combat Phase, in order to attack. The Combat Phase can be broken down into 3 different steps and happen chronologically:

1. Attack Step – The turn player must exhaust a unit that has been on the field since the beginning of the turn or a unit with an ability that allows it to attack the turn it was played, like Quickness or Brawler, and must also declare the target of the unit’s attack. Units can attack an opponent’s exhausted unit or attack the opposing player and their towers. Don’t tell your opponent which Tower you’re attacking yet!
2. Guardian Step – During the Guardian Step, the opponent decides if they want to exhaust one of their unit’s with Guardian to block the incoming attack. After deciding if they would like to block the attack or not, players will move to the Damage Step. If the blocking unit is removed at anytime before damage 
3. Damage Step – If two units are in combat, they will deal damage to each other equal to their power at the time. If the attacking unit is attacking the opponent’s towers and the attack was not blocked, the attacking player will now select which tower to deal damage to. Once damage has been dealt, both players will check for any units or towers destroyed as a result of battle. If any towers were destroyed apply their effects immediately, and because tower effects do not use the queue neither player has a chance to respond!

The player will now enter the End of Combat, and will return to their Main Phase. Players can declare they want to enter the Combat Phase as many times as they would like during their Main Phase. 

Winning the Game

In order to seize victory over your opponent, you must destroy all  5 of their towers and then deal one last final blow to their towers! Even damage from Overrun or damage from a spell can be lethal, but be careful because you cannot target your opponent’s towers if they don’t have any left!
If a player cannot draw a card from their Main Deck during their Draw Phase that player will lose the game, so always be aware of how many cards you have left!


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