The Hall of Champions
A Champion is only as good as their ability in battle. They must prove their worth not only in combat, but also in their strategy and awareness. Becoming a Champion is not a right, but a gift bestowed upon those who earn it. The Gallery of Champions displays these individuals who have gone above and beyond to claim victory in the World of Argos.
Gallery of Champions
Year of 2019
Hall of Champions - Nori v2

Nori Ayukawa

Champion I

Nori dominated our first official September 2019 Championship, going on to win his very own Gold Metal Full Art “Dragonholt, the Dracoborg.”

Jesse Unger

Champion II

Jesse faced against powerful players on his road to victory for the October 2019 Argent Saga Championship! Claiming the Gold Metal Full Art “Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer.”

Alex Blandin

Champion III

Alex suprised the competition this November 2019 Championship with match by match comebacks, rising through each round to obtain the Gold Metal Full Art “Eitan, Exiled Prince.”
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