What is a Game Master?

A Game Master helps the Argent Saga community by encouraging new stores to become official LGS’s for Argent Saga. It will be their job to contact local stores, demo the game, sign them up for the LGS program, and help run tournaments.
Argent Saga is a game by players, for players – and a Game Master carries that by showing exactly how great our amazing community is. The more people that play the game, the more enjoyable it can be for everyone. Argent Saga is a great game that is easy to learn, and it’s the job of a Game Master to demonstrate that to local stores.

What does a Game Master do?

A Game Master’s first responsibility is to be the first point of contact for potential new stores. This will entail contacting or going to the store personally to help them build a local Argent Saga community. You will be their information hub, answer any immediate questions they have, and be able to direct them to the answers that you don’t have yourself.
Ultimately, the goal of a Game Master is to have these stores carry Argent Saga, and fill out our online application to become an official LGS and hold tournaments. For stores that already carry the game, you will assist in holding additional demo nights to help their community grow.

Why should I be a Game Master?

You should consider applying to be a Game Master if you have a passion for building a community. We will help you find new potential stores, provide demo products for those who want to see the game in action first, and create teaching guides to show players of any skill level how fun Argent Saga can be.
In exchange for your valuable efforts, Game Masters will be entered into an incentive program based on how many stores they can acquire. Game Masters will receive a Booster Box for each store that signs up through your efforts, with even greater rewards for those who go above and beyond.

What if a Store isn’t interested?

Some stores may be reluctant to carry a new card game when they’ve seen so many come and go. In these circumstances, we have additional tools for Game Masters to help demo the game for numerous players and run free introductory tournaments for the stores. Our goal is to help these stores get a true understanding of what makes our game different from those that have burned them in the past.
Argent Saga will work with stores to help them stock product in unique ways that will ensure successful sales. Additionally, we will work 1-on-1 with Game Masters to find locations to hold tournaments if a local store is reluctant to pick up the game.

Where do I Apply?

Send in your application, and based on your location and experience,
we’ll let you know when you’re selected for our Game Master program.
Successful applicants will be able to demo in stores to help promote
and grow Argent Saga. Each Game Master will recieve an Game
Master Kit, which includes the following items:

  • Demo Decks and Quickstart Guide
  • Demo Playmat
  • Promotional Posters

Demo Night Requirements:

  • There must be a social media event for the demo night, either a weekday evening or weekend
  • Store should advertise on Social Media + in-store with poster
  • Game Master will provide the poster, as well as also promoting the event on social media in local and regional facebook groups
  • Game Master will be responsible for taking and uploading pictures of the event

Game Master Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Store converts into an LGS – 1 Booster Box 
  • Store/Game Master holds Demo Night (see requirements) – 1 Booster Box
  • Store/Game Master holds a Tournament – 1 Booster Box
  • Convert 10 stores into LGS – Design a card  (with R&D approval)
  • Additional monetary compensation may be given for extensive support
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