Argent Saga Championship V Recap

Did you miss out this January 2020 Championship in Fortworth? You can now view who placed
in top cut, what decks were most popular, which side events were hosted, and so much more!

Top 8 Cut, Pictured Left to Right: Jacob Sconci, Nori Ayukawa, Collin Kaiser, Tom Roth, Jp Gruchacz, Mark Myatt, Jonathan Ball, Ricardo Tabora

Argent Saga Fortworth Championship had some of toughest top cut players to face off against each other for the title of Champion. Coming down to the top 8 cut only one rose to claim victory, which was Collin Kaiser! 

Top 8 deck breakdown based on popular Champion and Spirit combinations. Jemial/Sola grossed 50% of total play rate during  this Championship. This Championship also has seen new deck combinations that were not seen before at other Championships!

Battle A Bounty

Argent Saga Championship Fortworth 2020  hosted a fan favorite event, Battle a Bounty! Players challenged the wanted bounties and earned exciting prizing by participating and defeating them!

Bounty Players are outstanding members of the Argent Saga community for their past event accomplishments, content creation, or overall positivity within the Argent Saga community!

Colossal Card Clash Champion

The Colossal Card Clash is a public event in which players compete for the ultimate prize, in this case, Sola, the Light Spirit!

Public Playoffs

The Public Playoffs had a tough line up of players to make their claim at the Full Art Metal Jemial, Cryptic Caster Card! In the end, Kalen Nelson rode to the top to earn this ultimate prize card!


A popular side event featured at January 2020 Championship is Argent Saga Team Wars! Players join forces in teams of 3 and face against other teams for points, premium prizing, and the title of Team Wars Champions!  Congrats to team True Friends who bested Team Get Their in the finals, in order to take home the title of Team Wars Fortworth Champions!

Fortworth 2020 Championship Judges

The event would not have run as smoothly if it was not for our amazing team of judges, lead by Head Judge John Patterson!


Left to Right: John Patterson, Carter Mitchell, Rob Geer, Austin Lemire


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