The Mystery of Hokken

Only a few years have pasted since Metaial has been defeated, and the new council is just settling into their roles. All of a sudden they are alerted about a land mass that appears to be approaching Turrim quickly. It seems like the seismic shock from the battle with Metaial has caused land masses to begin to shift. Before being able to stop her, Ariana takes off towards this new land seeking an adventure. The council decide it is wise to send a search party in case she finds trouble, but shouldn’t get too invested in a land they know nothing about. 

Since the seismic shock hit Hokken, mysterious shards have been sprouting from the ground, and a dark energy has spread through the land. Before things between the Elements were mostly peaceful, but now there seems to be uncontrolled animosity across Hokken. 

See all the newest cards from Set 4: Echoes of Hokken!

Echoes of Hokken Lore Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Dawn of the Adventure

Echoes of Hokken Lore Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Awakening of the Beastking

Booster Draft Echoes of Hokken

Get together with your friends and family to draft Argent Saga! Booster Draft is different approach to playing Argent Saga, and challenges a player’s skill while also creating a fun and exciting environment. Just like every booster pack is different, every booster draft is different.

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Champions of Hokken Playmats

What new Champion from Echoes of Hokken is your favorite? These playmats feature each of the new Champions on their own mat and come both in standard and stitched. Represent your new favorite Champion from Echoes of Hokken with these awesome playmats! 

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