How to Participate in Sneak Peek

What is a Sneak Peek?

An Argent Saga Sneak Peek is a special event where you can play with the new cards a full week before the newest set is released! 

By playing in the event you will receive a Full Art Stamped Hokken Archaeologist Promo Card, Booster Packs of the new set, and additional prizing!

Please contact your local game store to find out when they are hosting Sneak Peek events and how to participate!

Sneak Peek Playmat

Sneak Peek Promo Card

How to Play (Getting Started)

Set 4: Echoes of Hokken Sneak Peek will feature Booster Draft.

Each player is given 5 booster packs, and an Event Pack to use to build a legal deck of at least 20 cards. Each booster pack contains 10 cards, so players will have a card pool of 50 cards to construct their deck with after the draft. The Event Pack will contain the player’s Champion, Spirit, and Towers necessary to finish building their deck.

No matter if you are a seasoned Argent Saga player or new to the game, Booster Draft is an exciting format for all players! 

Each Set 4: Booster Pack Contains 10 cards from a pool of 136 cards.

Event Packs contain 1 Champion, 1 Spirit, 5 Towers.
Players will need to bring 10 Argent Shards.

How to Play (Distribution)

Before you begin building your deck it is good to understand Booster Draft Guidelines.

Players are to be seated in small groups of at least 6. If you are unable to have the recommended number of players, groups can have 4 minimum. 

Each player is given 1 Event Pack and 5 Set 4: Echoes of Hokken Booster Packs. Players will start by opening their Event Pack and examining the cards inside. All players will open their first pack and take 1 of the 10 cards, and pass the rest of the pack to the next player. Players will continue to draft cards until the opened packs are empty. Then players will open another pack and repeat the process, this time passing the pack in the other direction. Alternating which way packs are passed each round, players will end up using all 5 packs to draft 50 cards (See Graphic).

You are ready to begin building your deck!

How to Play (Building Your Deck)

Let’s build the deck after you signed up for the Sneak Peek!

Here are the rules for building your deck in Booster Draft Format:

  • Main Deck must consist of at least 20 cards, maximum of 30 cards
  • Must have 1 Champion and 1 Spirit
  • 5 Towers
  • 10 Shards
  • You can play any number of cards with the same name
  • All cards that are not used in the Main Deck can be used as sideboard
Since your Champion and Spirit from your draft pack will both be Argent, players are allowed to choose 2 other elements when constructing their deck. Each player should let their opponent know which two elements they choose to play before the start of each game. 

How to Play (Playing Booster Draft)

Once you have assembled your deck Booster Draft plays standard Swiss format Best of 3. Finish top cut to receive more exciting prizing! To see the current floor rules for Booster Draft click the button below. Most of all, have fun!

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