Chapter 1: Dawn of the Adventure

Sam was so eager to begin his journey as the Hokken Adventurer. That’s the name he came up with for when he introduces himself to all the people he is going to meet, and of course, for when he becomes famous. Sam’s plan is to travel around Hokken creating a road map that future travelers could use. Sam has always loved exploring and adventuring, but after the all of the mysterious events happening around Hokken he felt this was the perfect time to get out and explore. It seems like it was only a few months ago a huge earthquake caused a massive amount of damage, but also brought about some new changes. People noticed these small shards mysteriously growing from the ground, the tension among everyone have been high, and it feels like there is darkness creeping into Hokken. Sam thought this was his chance to discover something huge! He was determined to find the cause of all the changes going on, and to do so he would need to cover every inch of this continent.

Due to the massive size of Hokken the different elements in Hokken do not interact much with each other, and mostly stay inside their own biomes. Because of this the land isn’t very well mapped out. No one seems to have any idea of where the lost Temple of the Forgotten One is located, and the Penguins are rarely seen so most people consider them to be a myth at this point. Sam wanted to change that. He wanted to be the one that put Hokken on the map. His goal was to create a visual map that future adventures could use, but he also wanted to note down all the different things about the world and the creatures that inhabited this land with him. He had once heard of this lost temple, and he couldn’t figure out what excited him more, a lost temple or a “Forgotten One”.

After dinner Sam tried to go to bed so he could wake up sooner, but couldn’t sleep from all of his pent up excitement. Tossing and turning in his bed to find the most comfortable position, he spent all night thinking about the things he was about to. Tomorrow he would start his trek down to Zonama, the Sacred Forest to find the Beastking. Once he fulfilled that part of his quest, he would then move on to Mezozia, the Primal Caldera and search for Tyrantus.

“That is only the beginning” Sam thought to himself as his mind raced. He tired counting to himself to try and get his mind off of the adventure, but he couldn’t stop. 

“Next, I’ll head over to the Evarie Bog and meet up with Dad.” Sam’s father was on a mission trip for work just south of the bog. His father never told Sam what he did from work, but he always came home with the best stories. After the bog, Sam wanted to try and find the secret village, Pengardia in the snowy mountain tops. The hidden village is protected by Kumakori, and no one has ever came face to face with him and lived to tell about it. Sam’s final stop on his journey is going to be Hyldia, a place he has been to before. He has only been there once, but the rich culture and beautiful scenery captivated him. Sam didn’t spend much time in Hyldia the first time either, so he never got a chance to make his way to the Astralic Sanctum to pay his respects to the Astrals. 


The next morning Sam woke up as soon as the sun peaked through his window. He could barely sleep the night before, and wanted to get out of the door as soon as possible. First he needed to have a hearty goodbye breakfast with his mother. Sam’s dad was away for work, so Sam was a little bummed that he didn’t get to say goodbye to his father. However, Sam was hopefully he’d still be able to catch him before he returned home. He would have to get going and keep a good pace to reach his dad in time, but Sam knew he could do it. 

“Sam, you will be careful, won’t you?” His mom asked as he shoved an entire plate of food in his mouth.

“Of course, Mom. I’m only going to be gone for a few weeks. I’ll come home and tell you all about it just like Dad does.”

“You know I worry about your father each time he goes out, and you are no different my son” his mom responded with a sharp tone. 

“Mom, I am going to be fine. I’ve been camping since I was 5, and not to mention, I am probably the best adventurer in all of Hokken” Sam boasted confidently.

His mother collected his plate and placed it in the sink. Her head sunk down and Sam could tell she was on the verge of crying. Her little boy was about to begin the biggest chapter of his life, and as much as she was excited for him, part of her never wanted him to go. 

Sam said goodbye to his mother after a long embrace. He could see tears trickling down her checks while she let out some sniffles. Sam has been away from home before, but it finally sunk in that he is now going on an adventure similar to his dad’s. He thought about how he felt each time his dad had to say goodbye to him before setting off on a mission he might not return from. Sam hadn’t ever thought about… not coming home. Sam wrapped his mom in his arms again and held her close. Sam could feel the emotion getting to him, but he wasn’t about to start crying before his grand adventure. Kissing his mother on the check, Sam turned around and took his first steps on his adventure.  

Looking over his shoulder as he walked down the path, Sam shouted “I love you Mom, see you soon!”

And so it begins...

With his backpack strapped full of gear and his legs well rested the Hokken Adventurer let out a deep breath. He was excited to see all the wonders of Hokken, but would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. In his backpack he has everything he will need for the next two weeks before he needs to find a market to restock on supplies. When he was younger he often went on camping trips with his father, and then carried on the tradition with his friends as he got older. He thought of himself as an expect camper and is very resourceful when he needs to be. He came to a fork in the road he doesn’t remember from past trips down this path. There is a sign post, but nothing was written on it.

“This must be a brand new path” Sam pondered, “I wonder where it leads?”

He pulled out his compass and gave it a good shake. His compass was useless to him anyways, because he had his great intuition to guide him. Sam considered the idea of taking this new path to see where it would take him, but he didn’t want to waste any time or take chances. If he continued south, he knew that he would end up right in front of the Sacred Forest. The path wasn’t too long, and Sam had taken it before. Along his way, Sam saw Hokken Hare frolicking in the open field. He loved the little hares, and thought back to the times that his friends and him would go out and see if they could catch one with their bare hands. Every so often they were successful, but the little buggers are quick and can jump out of their reach pretty easily. Sam wanted to run after one now to relive those days, but he was on a mission. 

Sam pressed on leaving the hares alone in order to continue his search of the great Elemental Beast, Konga.

This path was traveled mostly by villagers that use the forest for many different purposes. Some go to the forest to harvest or to heal. Some people just enjoy nature. As long as you are peaceful, the forest is friendly with you. Although if you have ill intentions, the forest can sense danger and will strike at a moment’s notice. The fury of beasts and elemental creatures keep the forest protected, and it is quick to recover itself and its allies. Sam and his friends have been camping in the forest before, and one time while camping with his dad in the forest they came across an Aurelian Ursa. As usual, the large beast passed by their tent after determining they meant no harm. 

His goal on this trip to the forest was to awaken the Beast King. He wasn’t totally sure of how to do this exactly. He heard Konga only comes out when the forest is in danger, but wanted to be sure not to harm the forest. He also heard Konga rests deep in the forest, in the thick foggy marsh. There are some rumors about what is in the center of the forest, but Konga refuses to let anyone get close. Those who get close enough can see a glowing green light in the middle of the thickest fog. One traveler said his friend went into that fog, and the next thing he heard was Konga’s deafening roar before slipping in the water and running away as fast as he could. He said he could hear his friend screaming as he fled the forest. Sam wasn’t sure he really needed to find out what that glowing green light was, but definitely wanted to see Konga up close and personal if he could. The glowing green light just wasn’t worth risking his next big adventure for. After the Sacred Forest, Sam is headed to the hot Primal Caldera!

As the Hokken Adventurer passed through the subtle hills towards Zonama, he collected some pieces of the nature around him. Sometimes picking flowers, collecting trash to throw away later, or just interesting shaped rocks.

When he had finally reached the outskirts of the forest, Sam could hear tattering coming from the trees. 

Tat-tat-tat, tat-tat, tat-tat-tat.

He looked into a nearby tree and saw a Zomaniam Lookout, beating against the tree with a stick to let Sam know he is being watched. Sam waved back letting the lookouts know that he means no harm. These little monkeys are harmless, but they sit on the edge of the forest reminding visitors that the forest is alive and well. The lookouts are a key player in the forest’s defense strategy, and one of the main reasons it is so difficult to penetrate the forest with malice intent. 

Sam quickly regained his attention when he was startled by the ground starting to shake all of a sudden. The branches on the trees began to shake and all of the lookouts keeping an eye on Sam scattered into the foliage of the forest. The ground was starting to rumble beneath him, and Sam was finding it a little difficult to keep his balance. 

Swaying back and forth trying not to fall to his knees, he heard a load roar as a massive Diplodocus dinosaur busts through the forest and into the open stretch of grass around Sam. Luckily the dinosaur wasn’t that close to Sam when he came charging out of the forest, but once the Diplodocus got out of the forest it was calm and docile. These dinosaurs are known to get lost and stuck inside of the forest. They will recklessly charge in a straight line through the trees, knocking some down in the process, until they have reached safety and are clear of the forest. When the ground unexpectedly shaking Sam was thinking he was in some real danger, but now he is curious of the creature. He walked over to the dinosaur slowly to see how close it would let him get. Sam was getting really close to this gentle giant who had began to start grazing on the open field. Each step Sam took towards the dinosaur his heartrate sped up, knowing that getting too close could mean being stomped into dust. The dinosaur seemed to pay no attention to Sam approaching, and continued mowing the grass. 

Sam extended his arm and gently started to stroke the dinosaur’s harder scales. Its touch was cold and hard, but Sam could tell on the inside this dinosaur was kind and warm-hearted. While petting the gentle giant, Sam looked up and was amazed by the size of this creature. When it came out of the forest he was surprised, but now that he is face to face he can really appreciate the diplodocus’s size. 

“Wow, he must be 20 feet tall” Sam told himself as he stared at the long-neck dinosaur. 

Maybe Sam was exaggerating a little, but Diplodocus are some of the largest dinosaurs and certainly the largest Sam had ever encountered. Sam had a few run-ins with smaller dinosaurs during camping trips with his father, but had never been this close to something this big.

After the first day of Sam’s adventure he was completely exhausted. His legs felt like gelatin after the walk from home to the forest with a full bag, and encounter with the diplodocus took the rest of the energy out of him. Before the sun had even set, Sam had is camping gear out and set up. He was a pro at getting the tent up by now from all the experience he had. Sam wasn’t sure when he would get up in the morning, but he knew he wanted to get in and out of Zonama tomorrow. It was imperative Sam keeps a tight schedule if he has any hopes of catching his father before he returns home. 

Chapter 2: Awakening of the Beastking - October 24th
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