Argent Saga Deck Analysis

Raine Serpio Offering – August 6th, 2020

Raine, Mournful Commander and Spirit of Serpio mesh really well together. The Offering ability included on some Dark cards can help expel Blazewalker units that are destroyed or discarded, and Blazewalker Scout, Leiah is able to recycle expelled Fire units to fuel even more Offering costs. The Raoyenna package gives the deck a consistency boost, and fuels both the discard and expel zones even more.  This deck is designed to utilize the strength of the Blazewalker archetype alongside the powerful Offering mechanic.

One amazing play with this deck is to play Treat! sacrificing your Shade of the Silver King to discard 7 cards from your deck, and put 3 Blazewalker Scout, Leiah and 3 Blazewalker Rookie, Ark along with the 1 Raine, Blazewalker Commander into the discard zone. Then you can use Shade’s Offering ability to expel all 7 of those Blazewalker units to trigger their abilities! Not only are you putting a 4000 power unit with Destroyer, Guardian, and Target Attack, you also can shuffle in up to 9 expelled Fire units and draw up to 3 cards, deal 3000 damage, and either play or draw the top card of your deck!

Raine, Mournful Commander‘s activated ability threatens any unit with 1000 power or less, and can easily trigger the abilities of Blazewalker units in your hand. Raine is also really good in combination with Mutation 002: Reprobloom, because you are able to exhaust Raine and expel 0 cards to target Reprobloom to deal 0 damage. This will trigger Reprobloom’s ability and let you put 2 tokens into play for basically free!  

Spirit of Serpio is very important in being able to trigger your Ruined abilities at the correct time, and can Soulburst to clear the opponent’s field of any small units they may have. Serpio also gives the deck access to 4 more Dark cards than the other Dark spirit, Luna, the Dark Spirit. The extra 4 Dark cards go a long way in allowing you to play cards like Unrestrained Poltergeist and Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme

Raine Serpio Offering - August 2020

Champion: Raine, Mournful Commander
Spirit: Spirit of Serpio

Tower of Air
Tower of Light
Tower of Water
Tower of Fire
Tower of Darkness

Shard Deck:
6 Argent Shard
3 Nightmare Crystal
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby


3 Blazewalker Rookie, Ark
3 Blazewalker Scout, Leiah
2 Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker
2 Raoyenna, Immortal Princess
1 Raine, Blazewalker Commander
3 Raoyenna, the Vengeful Phoenix
1 Raoyenna the Phoenix
2 Unrestrained Poltergeist
2 Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme
1 Granite Gargoyle
1 Shade of the Silver King
3 Bone Scavager
3 Mutation 002: Reprobloom
2 Eccentric Visitor

Spells / Augments

3 Entreat the Blazewalkers
2 Assault of Ashes
3 Treat!
3 Omega Magic: Yami


3 Hand of Raoyenna
1 Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker
2 Blazestriker Dive
2 Phoenix Flame Strike
1 Ready for War
2 Ghostly Demise
1 Ferocious Acidic Monger
3 Silvermist Phoenix

Fire Units

Raine, Mournful Commander can use its Exhaust ability to expel up to 2 fire units from your hand, and then you can deal 500 damage to a target unit for each Fire unit you expelled this way. This is especially important when trying to trigger the abilities of Blazewalker Rookie, Ark, Blazewalker Scout, Leiah, and Raine, Blazewalker Commander. Ark lets you deal even more damage to units when he is expelled, and Leiah is vital to replenishing your deck with the expelled Fire units. Ark, the Soaring Blazewalker caps off the Blazewalker archetype with an insanely powerful ability, and it only costs 1 to play him on top of a Blazewalker unit! 

Raoyenna the Phoenix adds to the deck’s top end power, while also giving it access to clear your opponent’s field of smaller units. Raoyenna, Immortal Princess‘s Ruined ability can be easily triggered at anytime with Spirit of Serpio, and Raoyenna, the Vengeful Phoenix can put the Immortal Princess into play for free with its ability. The Raoyenna package really helps fill in the gaps of the Blazewalker archetype. 

Dark Units

Unrestrained Poltergeist can be the best card and the worst card in this deck, and you almost never know! It can be tricky deciding to expel three cards from your deck in hopes of triggering a Blazewalker ability, or just discarding the top 3 cards of your deck to fuel your discard for Offering. It is important to keep in mind the different cards remaining in your deck when Poltergeist’s Ruined ability triggers. Usually tossing your cards into your discard and then expelling your opponent’s top three cards is the safe play, but if the game is still going on when you have a deck of nothing except Blazewalkers it can certainly be powerful! 

Hoenna, Conjurer Supreme and Shade of the Silver King are the two main Dark units in the deck. Being able to use their Offering ability to expel Blazewalker units that are in your discard zone is invaluable. Granite Gargoyle is a personal preference, because if you draw Shade it is very hard to get him into the discard. Granite is able to trade itself from the discard zone with a card from your hand. With Treat! it is easy to get your gargoyle into the discard if you are unlucky enough to draw Shade. 

Argent Units

While Bone Scavager is usually played to stop and disrupt your opponent’s discard zone, it is able to pull double work in this deck. If you are unable to get your Offering abilities from Shade and Hoenna, Bone Scavager can expel your own Fire units to trigger their effects or to shuffle back in with Blazewalker Scout, Leiah.

Mutation 002: Reprobloom gives the deck the ability to swarm the board with token units to try put pressure on the opponent, and Eccentric Visitor provides the deck the option to use Spirit of Serpio‘s Soulburst to clear the field of smaller units. 

The Spells

This deck does not play a lot of spells, but the spells it does play are very important to the functionality of the deck. Entreat the Blazewalkers is the premier spell for the Blazewalker archetype, expelling a Blazewalker unit direct from your deck and then adding a card with the same name to your hand. This card is very powerful at all stages of the game, being able to start the combo and help finish it. Assault of Ashes is helpful for tackling larger units. A quick 500 damage from Raine followed up by an Assault of Ashes will take down any unit. 

Treat! is a great play enabler with Shade of the Silver King, and can be used effectively to thin your deck of unwanted cards or fuel your discard from Offering. Omega Magic: Yami is very important to the deck’s sustainability. Yami can revive your Argent and Dark units, something the deck is not able to replenish similarly to the Fire units. 

The Sideboard

Hand of Raoyenna is a huge consistency boost to the deck, but puts more focus on the Raoyenna package. This can be a great card to put into your deck against match-ups where you know you are going to need your Phoenix. 

Blazestriker Dive and Phoenix Flame Strike are great non-targeting removal cards, giving the deck a better answer to things like an opponent’s Reprobloom. Ready for War is a fun and interesting card to play against slower decks that aim to stall the game out until the later turns.

Ghostly Demise is a great way to use Offering and destroy the opponent’s units! Offering can even be 0, destroying all token units, and one interesting thing about Ghostly Demise is that it does not target either!  

The Argent units in the sideboard are helpful against specific match-ups. Ferocious Acidic Monger is great to remove augments, and is almost necessary if you expect to play against any Magimaze deck. Silverstone Sentinel can create immense value against Champions like Liam and Hoenna, but struggles to produce anything against other Champions. Silvermist Phoenix should be played if your opponent is a spell heavy deck or if your opponent’s spells are giving your units problems.

Honorable Mention

Blazewalker Lieutenant, Rei can be added to the deck and is a great Blazewalker to search out with Entreat the Blazewalkers

Transmutation Circle gives the deck a cheap but effective option to use Offering more often, while also having the added benefit of discarding your cards and thinning your deck. 

Voidfire Dragon and Panzer, the Dracosteed are the best two dragons to play alongside Blazewalker units because of their synergy with the expel zone. Voidfire Dragon can not only be played for free by expelling Fire units from your hand, but can retrieve a Fire unit from the expel zone when it is destroyed. Panzer works almost the opposite, by expelling a Fire unit from your hand. Then you can grab an expelled Fire unit with his Arrive ability! 

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