Argent Saga Deck Analysis

Eitan Sola Mecha – August 5th, 2020

Sola, the Light Spirit is one of the best cards to pair with the Mechas, allowing you to really abuse Carriermech: Kyari‘s Exhaust ability. Eitan, Exiled Prince is another great card to play with the Mecha units, triggering their Ruined abilities and putting larger Air units into play in replace of them. This Mecha focused combo deck aims to use Sola and Eitan to have explosive combo plays that lead to overwhelming advantage. 

The ideal start: This deck is really explosive as long as it starts with 2 cards in the opening hand, Shard-Mecha: Shiru and Carriermech: Kyari.
Turn 1 you will play Shard-Mecha: Shiru, and then place Carriermech: Kyari on top of your Shiru. Use Kyari’s Exhaust ability that turn to search for a Shard-Mecha Prime: King Warku and put it underneath Kyari. At the end of your turn, recover Kyari with Sola’s Triggered ability. At this point you could use Kyari’s Exhaust ability to put the two Shard-Mechas into play or save the play for your opponent’s turn. After using King Warku’s Arrive ability, you will have 3 units and an Underground Mech Base in play! 

Eitan, Exiled Prince is very valuable once you have established the combo, and can use Kyari’s searching ability to make some incredible plays! Using Kyari to search and play any Shard-Mecha unit, Eitan can sacrifice that unit and can surprise the opponent with a Garga, Keeper of Gales or Queen of the Sandsea! Eitan also adds a quick and easy way to trigger the Ruined ability of any of your units. Sola, the Light Spirit is vital to the Mecha combo with Kyari, but the Mecha package takes up a lot of space pushing out some of the best Light cards. Instead we decided to include the Light cards in the sideboard. 

Eitan Sola Mecha - August 2020

Champion: Eitan, Exiled Prince
Spirit: Sola, the Light Spirit

Tower of Air
Tower of Light
Tower of Water
Tower of Fire
Tower of Darkness

Shard Deck:
6 Argent Shard
3 Hallowed Crystal
1 Corona, the Spirit Ruby


3 Carriermech: Kyari
3 Shard-Mecha: Shiru
3 Shard-Mecha: Buki
2 Shard-Mecha: Tsubasa
2 Shard-Mecha Prime: King Warku
3 Megashardmech Titan: Yugo
3 Bone Scavager
1 Charise, Archavist of the World
1 Kala, Best Friends Forever
3 Sandsea Scorpion
3 Sandsea Hydra Scorpion
1 Queen of the Sandsea
1 Greathawk of Cloudsea
1 Sylphia, Spirit of Air
2 Garga, Keeper of Gales

Spells / Augments

2 Underground Mech Base
3 Vabriel’s Final Gift
2 Guiding Winds


3 Yuki, the Lightning Flash
3 Finishing Ray
1 Kara, the Lone Valkyrie
1 Linda & Goblin, Dynamic Duo
2 Lightning Shot
2 Shard Spider
3 Silvermist Phoenix

The Mechas

The mechas are the main engine of the deck, with Carriermech: Kyari being the starter. Because Kyari is an Ω unit it can use the Exhaust ability the turn it is put into play, and Sola, the Light Spirit‘s triggered ability lets you recover Kyari at the end of your turn. This allows you to search your deck for any Shard-Mecha unit and place it under Kyari, and recover Kyari to either do it again or to put the units underneath it into play.

This is especially helpful for getting out Shard-Mecha Prime: King Warku early in the game. When King Warku enters you can use the Arrive ability to discard a card from your hand and search for an Underground Mech Base and put it into play, and if you do that you can add a Shard-Mecha that costs 3 or less from your deck to your hand. Once the deck is able to get a Mech Base into play, it can discard extra Mecha units to draw cards, and once you’ve placed 3 counters on it you can put up to 3 Shard-Mecha units from your discard into play!

Shard-Mecha: Shiru, Shard-Mecha: Buki, and Shard-Mecha: Tsubasa all have Ruined abilities that search for another card and all have decent keyword abilities. Shiru is an excellent early game Guardian, Buki can Target Attack units to trigger his Ruined ability, and Tsubasa is a strong 3 cost 1500 power Brawler. Megashardmech Titan: Yugo is the boss unit of the deck, and can be played by expelling 3 different Shard-Mecha units from your hand or discard! Yugo is able to unconditionally destroy a unit or augment each turn just by discarding a card from your hand.

Air Units

Although the Mechas take up a large portion of the deck, you still want to play enough Air units to take advantage of Eitan’s activated ability. Garga, Keeper of Gales and Sylphia, Spirit of Air are great units to play on your opponent’s turn, surprising them with some unexpected unit removal. Greathawk of Cloudsea, and Queen of the Sandsea can also be used to disrupt your opponent on their turn, and only cost 3. Sandsea Hydra Scorpion is an awesome unit in Eitan decks, being able to put Sandsea Scorpion, Kala, Best Friends Forever, or Bone Scavager into play with its Ruined ability. If the opponent does not destroy it, you can attack towers with it and then use Eitan’s ability to put Queen or Greathawk into play! 

Argent Units

Bone Scavager can be put into play with Sandsea Hydra Scorpion‘s Ruined ability, and is valuable against a lot of decks. Be careful to not be forced into expelling your own mechas with Bone Scavager!

Charise, Archivist of Worlds is very valuable in searching out your necessary cards like Carriermech: Kyari and Shiru, and works well with Sola!

Eccentric Visitor can help you use Corona, the Spirit Ruby and Sola’s Soulburst more than once. 

Air Spells

Vabriel’s Final Gift and Guiding Winds allow the deck to not only find the cards necessary to complete the combos, but also help sustain and use them again and again! Vabriel’s Final Gift can help search the bigger pieces to some of the combo plays like Garga, Keeper of Gales, or Megashardmech Titan: Yugo

Guiding Winds can put those cards back into your hand, so you can reuse and protect your valuable units while also drawing an additional card. Being able to return Sylphia, Spirit of Air or Yugo whenever the opponent is attempting to destroy them, and saving them for a play the next turn can be very powerful!

The Sideboard

IIf you opponent has a good strategy against the mechas, you can put in 8 Light cards from your sideboard instead of them. Finishing Ray works out surprisingly well with the amount of Ruined abilities in the deck, and Yuki, the Lightning Flash is a free 3 cost unit whenever your opponent breaks a tower! Linda & Goblin, Dynamic Duo can be played from your discard zone if you control a Beast unit, and the Arrive ability puts a Cat token (who is a beast!) into play. Kara, the Lone Valkyrie is a great one-of unit, and can be really clutch at the end of the game giving you the one last turn you needed! 

Lightning Shot can be added for removal in match-ups where the opponent’s units become too much of a problem. You can use your Mecha units as a target if necessary, and sometimes it can even be beneficial to destroy your own units. 

Shard Spider and Silvermist Phoenix are very complimentary to Eitan, being able to put 3 cost units into play for cheaper. Both of these units come with additional abilities that make them that much better! Silvermist Phoenix cannot be targeted by spells, and Shard Spider can exhaust an opponent’s unit and it will not recover during the their next charge phase. Both of these Argent units can be very useful against a variety of different decks! 

Honorable Mention

Raging Shardbeast, Reckless Shardbeast, and Giga Shardbeast are all options to replace the heavy mecha package with, and the new beasts will only add to the beast synergy already in the deck. 

Cloudsea Beast-Tamer is also a great addition to the deck, especially if you are adding more beasts to the deck! 

Nanatsu, the Pure Shinobi did not make the list or the sideboard, but is an excellent unit to play with Eitan’s ability. Getting Nanatsu into play isn’t that challenging with Yuki, the Lightning Flash and the deck’s ability to easily play Shard-Mecha: Tsubasa.

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