Content Creator Program

Interested in making Argent Saga content on one of the many different platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Patreon, Facebook, and many others? Our Content Creator Program makes it easy for you to become apart of the community, work with other content creators, and participate in special content creator ______ like spoiling cards for upcoming releases! 

Just Getting Started?

Argent Saga Welcome Packs

An Argent Saga Welcome Pack comes with a Demo Deck that contains half of a Fire deck and half of a Light deck designed to teach two players the rules of the game. This is a great way to get your hands on the cards and see if you really enjoy the game! Try Argent Saga out for $.01 + Shipping or grab a Knight or King pack for some additional products!

Argent Saga Element Packs

Element Packs are a great way to dive right into the game! Each Element Pack comes with everything one player will need to begin playing a full game of Argent Saga. The Intro Deck has 40 main deck cards, 10 Shards, 5 Towers, and a Champion and Spirit. Included in the Element Pack is a playmat, dice, and sticker themed for your Element.

Build Your Content

Argent Saga Art Prints

Decorate the background of your video or stream with amazing Argent Saga Art Prints! You can order a custom Metal Print of any card in Argent Saga, or order special Art Prints. 

Argent Saga Online Assets

Once approved into the Content Creator Program you will have access to more Argent Saga online Assets that will help improve the quality. These include logos of products and sets, art work content creators can freely use in their content, and other 

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Collaborate with Other Creators

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