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Engage with the Online Community

Argent Saga’s online community is helpful and inviting! Veterans and experienced players are always willing to help new players get started and can answer just about any question you might have! There are multiple different communities to choose from as well, in case you are a particular fan of a specific platform! Check out the Argent Saga communities on platforms such as Discord and Facebook! 

Argent Saga's Facebook Groups

Argent Saga hosts an Argent Saga TCG Official Group on Facebook for players to communicate with each other while also having some of the team in on the conversation! If you have a question regarding the rules of the game or how a specific interaction works, you can check out the Argent Saga TCG Card & Ruling Discussion to see if someone has already had the same question or have a community member answer and explain the interaction! 

The Argent Saga Discord is a hub for Argent Saga information and discussion. This discord is focused on bringing Argent Saga players from around the world together and even hosts online tournaments like The Online Local! 

Tavern Brawler's Online Community

The Tavern Brawlers is a team of players dedicated to growing and helping the Argent Saga community, and they have set up multiple different avenues and tools for players!
You can join The Tavern, which is their discord server that has a very active and engaging Argent Saga community, or check out the Warehouse they built to store and share deck lists for players!

Other Online Communities

If you are apart of another active or growing Argent Saga Community, please reach out to us at so we can add your community to this list and others can find out about your awesome group!

Argent Saga Content Creators

Looking for some amazing Argent Saga content to watch? Consider checking out these Content Creators who put a lot of time and effort into their work for the community to enjoy!

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