Zonamian Dryad

Week 28 – December 21st, 2020

Element: Air  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit – Elemental

The Dryad are a crucial part to the Zonama ecosystem, and are responsible for healing the forest when it has been damaged. Their soothing voice and gentle touch help calm the animals, and they can often be seen playing in the trees with the Critters and Lookouts. The Zonamian Dryad may not be powerful on their own, but the beasts of the forest will protect them from danger.

Zonamian Dryad is a 1 cost Elemental unit with 500 power. By using the Exhaust ability you can recover one of your shards if you control a Beast unit, allowing you to play even more Beast and Elemental units alongside her. Paired together the Beast and Elemental units become a formidable army!

Where to find this card?
You can find Zonamian Dryad as a Common in Set 4: Echoes of Hokken.

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