Decayed Arbiter

Week 27 – December 14th, 2020

Element: Dark  |   Cost: 6  |  Type: Unit – Arbiter

Most people know the Decayed Arbiter as the “Bringer of Doom” because his arrival ensures death will follow. There is no escaping the inevitable doom either, once he has decided it is your time nothing will stop him from carrying out his mission. The Arbiter is not only a scary sight, but a death sentence.

Decayed Arbiter is a 6 cost Dark unit with a huge 4000 power. When you play Decayed Arbiter from your hand, you can exhaust any number of Dark units you control and for each unit you exhaust this card costs (1) less to play. Not only can other Dark units make this card cost less, but it also gives all of your units Destroyer, including itself. You can start knocking down your opponent’s towers two at a time with your units, and you also ignore the effects of your opponent’s Dark tower while you control this card.

Where to find this card?
You can find Decayed Arbiter as a Super Rare in Set 4: Echoes of Hokken.

Arbiter of Death

A decaying and deformed being, with characteristics similar to an angel. One of its wings is full of dark purple feathers, while the other is broken and void of feathers. The Arbiter’s body is decayed and is wrapped in a purple cloak. It wields a long scythe, and is pictured in front of a full moon with ominous clouds filling in the sky around it. 

The Decayed Arbiter brings about the end of life, and can only be seen by those who it wants. The large scythe it carries around is a symbol throughout Hokken for impending death, and is found on paintings throughout the Evaerie Bog. Many people in Hokken pay tribute to the Decayed Arbiter out of fear, but also to show their respect for the Dark element.

Playing the Decayed Arbiter

The Decayed Arbiter is very powerful on his own, but can become even stronger when surrounded by other Dark units. Not only can you use cheap Dark units to help Decayed Arbiter hit the board earlier than turn 6, it can also give your smaller units Destroyer, allowing them to deal 500 damage to 2 different towers. This can help your 500 power unit effectively deal 1000 damage!

Units that replace themselves like Melanite’s Envoy, Evaerie Horde, and Evaerie Rogue are great units to use with Decayed Arbiter, because they can easily flood the board and are inexpensive to play. This can help reduce the cost of your Decayed Arbiter and allow you to surprise your opponent.

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