Ritual of Ashes

Week 26 – December 7th, 2020

Element: Fire  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Spell

Ritual of Ashes is a 1 cost Fire spell that comes with the option of two different effects! When you play this card you choose to either have your Fire spells cost (1) less to play that turn, or you can draw a card each time you play a Fire spell that turn. This card itself is not very powerful, but in combination with other powerful Fire spells it can lead to a very explosive turn. If you manage to play two of these cards in one turn, you can get the benefits of both effects or choose the same effect twice, and overwhelm your opponent with a barrage of cheap Fire spells while refilling your hand at the same time!

Where to find this card?
You can find Ritual of Ashes as a Rare in Set 3: Ascension.

Ritual of the Reborn

Hand of Raoyenna is cloaked in a dark red robe, and carries a staff resembling the sun.  He raises his staff over his head creating a cloud of embers that form into a phoenix-like shape, beginning the Ritual of Ashes. The color of the fire is bright and vibrant, and serves as a beacon of hope where . The background is smoky and filled with loose embers flying around. 

This ritual pays tribute to the Rao’s greatest hero, Raoyenna the Phoenix. The spell gathers the strength of the smoldering ashes, and transfers the power from the fallen to those still fighting, making their fire burn longer and brighter. The energy from the once burning fire has been reborn again into a new form, similar to the Phoenix. 

Ritual Combo

Ritual of Ashes can lead to very explosive turns, but requires a very concentrated strategy and some set-up. Use cards like Ashborn Shaman to not only search out your Ritual of Ashes, but also the spells you want to play after it! Fire spells like Entreat the Blazewalkers, Assault of Ashes, and Void Flame Expulsion are great cards to follow up.

Lloyd, Traveler of Worlds can help get back Ritual of Ashes and your other spells leading to more explosive turns. Being able to recover your Fire spells is a huge bonus for a Ritual of Ashes deck, and can put it over the top. Be careful though, if your opponent is able to get rid of you Lloyd you’ll lose your spells underneath! 

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