Iakuma Juggernaut

Week 25 – November 30th, 2020

Element: Water  |   Cost: 5  |  Type: Unit

Most believe it to be a statue welcoming travelers to the coastal city, but it is actually a gigantic guardian watching over the ports. These guardians protect the coastal cities from any incoming threat, and help keep the waters clear of danger. The sheer size of an Iakuma Juggernaut is a daunting challenge, but its impenetrable armor makes it almost impossible to defeat!

Iakuma Juggernaut is a 5 cost Water unit with 3000 power. This unit has Guardian, and whenever can recover itself after the battle if it blocked an attack! Juggernaut can stop an army of low powered units, but his real strength lies in his Shard Drain 1 ability. As an activated ability, you can Shard Drain 1 and now this card cannot be targeted by spells or abilities this turn. This is especially helpful for when your opponent tries to remove it from blocking an attack!

Where to find this card?
You can find Iakuma Juggernaut as a Rare in Set 1: Betrayal.

Guardian of the Seas

This is an animate submerged statue, inspired by the Colossus of Rhodes, but shaped more like Shiva with two sets of arms. It is gigantic bronze/copper statue, covered in barnacles, and shipwrecked materials clung to it. It’s eyes are massive water shards and they’re glowing brightly with crackles of Shardlight. It’s rising out of the ocean and with a massive net and spear in one set of hands, and scimitar sword and seashell horn in the other. Its targets being a number of dragons attacking merchant ships along the coastline off in the distance.

The Iakuma Juggernaut is a formidable Guardian, who patrols the coastlines protecting cities and ships. These animated statues not only serve as a defense, but also a symbol to most people. Their presence brings comfort and security to those who rely on the sea, and acts as a beacon to sailors who may have lost their way. 

The Juggernaut's Strength

Iakuma Juggernaut’s best ability is that it can make itself untargetable with its Shard Drain 1 ability. Whenever your opponent attempts to destroy it by targeting it with a spell or ability, you can simply Shard Drain to protect your Guardian. This is especially useful when blocking attacks, as your opponent will often try and remove the Guardian from battle in order to be able to attack the original target. Iakuma Juggernaut can not only block several attacks in the turn, but is also extremely hard to remove from the field. 

Speaking of its ability, you can use other Shard Drain cards to get even more value out of your Juggernaut. Academy of Argos will let you protect your Juggernaut without having to place a Shard on the bottom of your deck, and Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress can return your opponent’s units to the top of their deck whenever you play or use Iakuma Juggernaut’s Shard Drain ability. 

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