Maiden of the Maze, Seriah

Week 24 – November 16th, 2020

Element: Light  |   Cost: 2  |  Type: Unit – Magimaze

Seriah is trapped inside of The Great Magimaze, and is doomed by a spell placed on her from Jubei to stay there her entire life. Wth the help of her trusted friends, Bagoom, the Friendly Beast, the Gatekeeper, and the Magimaze Worm she helps lead wandering travelers through the labyrinth and out to safety. 

Maiden of the Maze, Seriah is a 2 cost Light Magimaze unit that helps the player remove counters from The Great Magimaze. Not only does she let you remove counters from a Magimaze, her Arrive ability can add one from your hand or discard in case you don’t have one in play! Removing all the counters from the maze is an alternate win condition, and can catch your opponent off guard if they don’t have a way to get rid of your Maze!

Where to find this card?
You can find Maiden of the Maze, Seriah as a Rare in Set 3: Ascension.

The Maze's Guide

Seriah has long back hair and is wearing a large yellow sweater that stretches to her knees. The loose sleeves cover her hands and are frayed at the ends.  She doesn’t look unkeep, but the clothing she is wearing is worn and tattered. She is surrounded by the Maze’s white walls as vines are growing up them. With Jubei’s Castle in the background, Seriah leads the way. 

Maiden of the Maze, Seriah is a young girl trapped inside Jubei’s labyrith, The Great Magimaze. As King of The Great Magimaze, Jubei has cast a spell on Seriah, barring her from ever leaving the maze. Even though she isn’t able to leave, she knows the way out and helps wandering travelers avoid the number of dead ends and traps scattered throughout. Her friends Bagoom, the Gatekeeper, and the Magimaze Worm work together to stop Jubei from capturing any other souls inside of his treacherous maze. 

Seriah will lead you out of the Maze

Maiden of the Maze Seriah may be trapped inside of the maze forever, but she will help lead you to victory through The Great Magimaze. Her Arrive ability allows you to not only remove counters from The Great Magimaze, but also helps you add it to your hand in case you don’t already have one on the field. 

If your deck is focused on the Magimaze’s alternate win condition, you might want to play Jubei’s Crystal Ball in order to help find your Magimaze cards! Early game you use it to dig through your deck to find your Magimaze Worm, or Seriah, and then once you play your Great Magimaze, you can sacrifice Jubei’s Crystal Ball to search for any Magimaze card you might need to win the game!

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