Cloudsea Pteromyini

Week 23 – November 9th, 2020

Element: Air  |   Cost: 2  |  Type: Unit – Beast

The Pteromyini is a common sight within Turrim, and are usually harmless. Only being able to fly with the help of the air, these small creatures are usually seen gliding through the trees. However, with a small gust, they can soar through the air for hours. They are also incredibly quick, so it is often very difficult to catch them!

This 2 cost Beast unit has 1000 power, but if you control another Beast it gets an additional 500 power! The Cloudsea Pteromyini meshes well with both its own subtype, but also with the Skyraider subtype. If you control a Skyraider unit, your Pteromyini gains Quickness as it is able to fly through the air, quickly striking your opponent!

Where to find this card?
You can find Cloudsea Pteromyini as a common in Set 3: Ascension.

Tiny Air Glider

The Cloudsea Pteromyini is a giant flying squirrel, the same from Cloudsea Beast Tamer.

A Pteromyini glides through the air with the help of a small tornado that is tossing a Hellish Guardhound into the sky. These extremely adorable creatures can be cute and cuddly one moment, but dangerous and threatening the next minute.

The Pteromyini are great friends of the Skyraiders, and are often found as both pets and allies in battle. These two subtypes thrive together, and have shared a symbiotic relationship throughout history.

Flying into battle

Cloudsea Pteromyini and Cloudsea Beast-Tamer were made for each other! You can play the Beast-Tamer to search out the Pteromyini with its Arrive ability, and the Pteromyini will have Quickness from controlling a Skyraider unit! Other low cost Skyraider units help Pteromyini gain quickness as well, and can help apply early game pressure.

Cloudsea Pteromyini also gets a +500 power boost if you control another Beast unit, so you can play it alongside other Beast support like Linda & Goblin, Dynamic Duo or Sandsea Scorpion Hydra

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