Raoyenna's Pet Dragon

Week 22 – November 2nd, 2020

Element: Fire  |   Cost: 3  |  Type: Unit – Dragon

A loyal servant to her master, Raoyenna, the Dragon guards the Immortal Phoenix . The dragon’s power comes from the bond between her and the Princess, and when they are separated the dragon becomes weak and vulnerable. With Raoyenna by her side, the dragon’s power is at full capacity and not something you’d like to be staring down.

Raoyenna’s Pet Dragon is a 3 cost Fire Dragon with 2000 power. Her Arrive ability can deal 1000 damage to a target unit if you control another “Raoyenna” unit, and while she is on the field your other Raoyenna units cannot be targeted by Spells or Abilities. The Pet Dragon does a great job of protecting your other Raoyenna units and with two of them of the field they protect each other!

Where to find this card?
You can find Raoyenna’s Pet Dragon as a rare in Set 1: Betrayal

Raoyenna's Loyal Dragon

Raoyenna’s Pet Dragon is a large red dragon with thick tough scales. The dragon will do anything it can to protect the Princess, Raoyenna. Together they make a fierce duo and  fight off the evil within Turrim. Her dragon is a fitting pet for Raoyenna, as she is an immortal Phoenix who is reborn once destroyed. The Dragon is always loyal to her and is always there to protect her after she is reborn again.

Protecting Raoyenna

Raoyenna’s Pet Dragon protects your other Raoyenna units from being targeted by spells and abilities, so using the dragon to protect Raoyenna the Phoenix and your other Raoyenna units from your opponent can be a game changer! Be careful though, Raoyenna’s Pet Dragon also prevents you from targeting those units with your spells and abilities!

If you manage to get two Pet Dragons onto the field, they will simultaneously protect each other, creating a real problem for your opponent. You can use Raoyenna, the Vengeful Phoenix to easily play a second Dragon at the beginning of your turn. 

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