Thief of Valoi

Week 21 – October 26th, 2020

Element: Dark  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit – Thief

The Thief of Valoi is notorious for getting away with her heist jobs. Valuables must be locked up with the tightest security, and even that won’t stop her. Not only is she incredibly intelligent and can get around any trap, her speed and agility make it almost impossible to catch her. If she wants something, she is going to find a way to get her hands on it! 

Thief of Valoi is a 1 cost 500 power Dark unit. She is currently the only unit with the subtype Thief, and has an Exhaust ability with Offering! This unique combination of two abilities does make her ability harder to pull off, but being able to steal one of your opponent’s units from their discard to be used against them can win the game! Not only are you able to play the unit that turn as if it were in your hand, it will stay expelled if you choose not to. 

Where to find this card?
You can find Thief of Valoi as a common in Expansion 2: Genesis.

She Strikes Again

A daring thief is sprinting through a trap without hesitation. Her stride is steady and she dodges the arrows with grace, as if she’s done this before. She knows if she misses a step or slows down at all, she risks being caught. Carrying a neckless that has large shards on the end that are emanating Shardlight, coins and other jewelry falls out of her clutch bag as she makes her getaway. Her tight leather suit and gorgeous red hair is all they see as she races past them. 

This isn’t the Thief of Valoi’s first heist job, and definitely won’t be her last. At this point she has made so much coin from her jobs that she is just stealing for the thrill of it now. The adrenaline rush and extreme pressure a heist puts on her fills her with life. 

Stealing Your Opponent's Cards

Thief of Valoi is only as powerful as the cards it is able to take from your opponent. It is difficult to get specific cards into your opponent’s discard, so use cards like Demon of the Evil Eye to declare a card name and get it out of their hand. This will give Thief of Valoi a chance to steal the opponent and use it for your benefit.

Another reason Thief of Valoi is good is to expel your opponent’s units so they can’t use them later. Surround Thief with cards like Soul Serving in order to deplete your opponent’s discard of units while also giving you the chance at discarding the top card of their deck. It could even be a unit!

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