Pengardian Pupil

Week 20 – October 19th, 2020

Element: Water  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit – Shinobi Penguin

Young penguins in Pengardia first train as a group similar to a class. Once the basics have been covered, they begin their training with their own sensei. These Pengardian Pupils are the future of Pengardia and they know that, so they take their training seriously as if the village depends on it. The first thing pupils are taught is the art of the surprise attack, a very common technique in Pengardia.

The Pengardian Pupil is a small 1 cost, 1000 power, Shinobi Penguin that has the Instacast ability. Having Instacast on a unit you are able to play this pupil on your opponent’s turn, so that it is ready to attack when your turn begins! This not only gives you the element of surprise, but also helps you keep your other options open and will help keep your units a little safer because they wont be attacked by your opponent. 

Where to find this card?
You can find Pengardian Pupil as a common in Booster Set 4: Echoes of Hokken.

The Pupil's Training

The young pupils begin training at a very early age. They train for weeks higher up in the mountain tops, meaning the conditions are more extreme. This helps prepare them for unpredictable conditions, improving their endurance and tolerance. These pupils are put through rigorous tests to ensure they are ready to defend their village before they go on their first mission. They are not given any weapons until the last part of their training, so they can focus on mastering the art of stealth and surprise. 

The Pengardian Pupil is a young penguin who is still very small. His red headband along with his black belt are two articles of clothing that signify a pupil who is still in training. He has a shuriken prepared while his two short swords are sheathed away. Ready for action, the Pengardian Pupil looks focused and poised. 

The Art of Surprise

Pengardian Pupil’s only ability is Instacast, but that is a very powerful ability for any unit! Being able to play this Penguin at a moment’s notice gives you plenty of different options! You can save your Shardlight to bluff that you have a spell in your hand, or you can wait to play your unit until your opponent has used their Shardlight! Surprise your opponent with units on their turn so they are ready to attack on your turn.

Units with Instacast benefit from being able to be returned to your hand, because you can play them right back down! Secret Pengutsu: Glacial Clones you can protect your Pengardian Pupil if it is targeted while it is attack and place 2 clones into play in its spot. Then you can play your Pupil again on your opponent’s turn. 

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