Ravenous Acidic Monger

Week 19 – October 12th, 2020

Element: Argent  |   Cost: 5  |  Type: Unit – Beast

Acid Mongers are common to find around the land of Argos, and have many different variations. The acidic slime from these creatures can burn through metals and plastics, and will erode anything it touches for too long. This ravenous beast is both foul and ugly.

This 5 cost Argent Beast unit with 2500 power can be dangerous if the opponent isn’t prepared for it. Ravenous Acidic Monger‘s Arrive ability allows you to destroy up to two target augments, and if you destroyed at least 1 it gains Quickness. If you destroy 2 augments with the Arrive ability, this card also gains Destroyer! Taking out 2 of the opponent’s augments along with 2 of their towers could swing the game back in your favor! 

Where to find this card?
You can find Ravenous Acidic Monger as a rare in booster Set 3: Ascension.

"That's a Big Chicken"

This large Acid Monger has sharp teeth and reeks of stink. He has two antennas near his mouth that is oozing acidic slime on a small horse, melting its flesh. This monger stands around 5 feet tall, and would be a threat to any human it came into contact with. The large spikey shell on his back helps him protect himself from other predators.

The Ravenous Acid Monger is the largest of the Mongers on Turrim, and can commonly be found in dark forests. Their eyestalks help them see in all directions, and can help them see around trees while hidden. They are also poached for their large shell and to harvest their acid for ill-intent. Hunters should be weary taht these beasts can spit their acidic slime up to 30 feet. 

Augment Destruction

Ravenous Acidic Monger is a great way to take care of your opponent’s augments while also getting an attack out of it. One strategy with this huge monger would be to destroy your own augments! By filling your deck with potential augment targets for Ravenous Acidic Monger, you ensure he isn’t a dead card if you opponent doesn’t play augments. 

Ravenous Acidic Monger isn’t the only augment eating snail. With many variations of Acid Mongers in the world of Argos, players can play the one that best suits their strategy. Ferocious Acidic Monger can replace itself by drawing a card if you destroy an augment, and Primeval Acid Monger can destroy one each time it attacks.

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