Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight

Week 18 – October 5th, 2020

Element: Light  |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit – Rose Knight

Citra is the newest addition to the Rose Knights, but is extremely talented and shows a lot of promise. While she hasn’t been able to go on any of the important missions yet, she was responsible for maintaining the Rose Garden while Auron and the others were off fighting Metaial.

Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight is a 1 cost Light Rose Knight unit with 1000 power and two amazing abilities. Her Arrive ability allows you to search your deck for another Rose Knight cost (2) or less and put it into play if another unit you controlled was put into the discard zone that turn. If Citra isn’t the card you need, you are always able to discard this card and a Gear from your hand to search your deck for an Order of the Rose. This helps the Rose Knight deck filter and replenish the hand while adding resources to the discard zone. 

Where to find this card?
You can find Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight as a promo card in October LGS tournament kits.

The Young Rose Knight

A young knight walks through the early morning market with a somber look. She is wearing beautiful white and gold armor with a purple sash for her sword. Her outfit is complete with her red hooded cloak concealing her face from others. Her apparel makes it difficult to miss her, but she walks around mostly unnoticed. 

Citra is an aspiring Rose Knight that will take every opportunity to prove herself. She is her biggest critic, and her worst trait is her undying loyalty to the Rose Knights. She would do anything to bring honor to the Rose Knights, and wants nothing more than to be apart of them. Citra is known for being quick and cunning, and is a valuable asset to the Rose Knights. 

Expanding Your Field

Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight is best suited for a Rose Knight deck, but pairs really well with Glory, the Awakened Hero. Glory is able to search out Citra, who is then able to search out even more low cost Light units from your deck! 

Citra can also be used to fuel your discard with Knights and gears. By discarding Citra and a gear from your hand you can search your deck for an Order of the Rose and replenish your hand with it. Citra, Aspirant Rose Knight is a crucial card to any Knight strategy. 

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