Expanding Elemental

Week 17 – September 28th, 2020

Element: Water   |   Cost: 2  |  Type: Unit – Elemental

Completely harmless as individuals, Expanding Elementals are some of the friendliest creatures in all of Argos. They are usually playful and energetic, but tend to be a little mischievous as well. When aggravated or scared, they call others to help. The massive swarm of Elementals is usually enough to intimidate their opponent, otherwise they suffocate them to death.

This adorable 2 cost Water Elemental unit is able to play another one from your deck using its Arrive ability! When Expanding Elemental enters the field, you can Shard Drain 1 in order to search your deck for another Expanding Elemental and put it into play. You can use the new Elemental’s Arrive ability to find the last one in your deck. Each Expanding Elemental can play another one!

Where to find this card?
You can find Expanding Elemental in Expansion 3: Conviction as well as LGS Pack Vol 3.

Splashing Around with Elementals

On the banks of a river, a Water Elemental emerges and starts to clone itself into another Water Elemental. You can see inside the body of the Water Elementals, a blue shard shining.  The Water Elemental is adorable and friendly. 

These cute little Elementals love to splash around and are very playful. They enjoy playing with the fish and other aquatic live, but can sometimes be over friendly. They will sometimes clone themselves just to have a friend to play with. If the Expanding Elemental feels threated it will continue to expand to overwhelm the opponent.

Expanding Your Field

Expanding Elemental is a great card to pair with other Shard Drain focused cards. Academy of Argos and Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress are two cards that combo nicely with Expanding Elemental’s Arrive ability. Turn the disadvantage of Shard Drain into an advantage! 

Great Behemoth can make your little Expanding Elementals into fearsome monsters! After playing 3 units for 2 Shardlight, Behemoth costs 3 less to play! Expanding Elemental also works really well with Jemial, Cryptic Caster, placing a counter on him each time you put an Elemental into play! 

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