Song of the Sky

Week 16 – September 21th, 2020

Element: Air   |   Cost: 0  |  Type: Spell

There is a specific melody played that brings happiness and joy to crew mates on the airship. During long voyages, this song is commonly used to reinforce camaraderie and hope throughout the tiresome journey. When this song is played birds fly above and sing along, and every crew mate joins in singing the chorus. It is known as the Song of the Sky.

Song of the Sky is a zero cost Air spell that makes the next card you play cost 2 less. With such a powerful effect you can only play this card if two or more units returned from the field to your hand this turn. This condition to play Song of the Sky can make it difficult to pull off, but can lead to very explosive plays if you can pull it off! 

Where to find this card? You can find Song of the Sky in the Set 2: Revelations as a common.

A Beautiful Song

Looking up you can see two large birds soaring high in the sky with a young recruit standing in the crows nest of an airship. He is playing a wooden flute. The sky is filled with clouds as the sun sets behind them. 

The Song of the Sky is sung by all the airships, and is a familiar tune to both veterans and children. The beautiful harmony with the birds creates a peaceful and relaxing feeling for anyone near. The song rejuvenates spirits and fills people with joy.

Playing the Song of the Sky

Song of the Sky is only able to be played if two or more units have returned to your hand that turn. Use cards like Arbor Carbuncle that reward you for returning them to your hand, so you can get even more combo power out of your spell! 

Celestial of Genesis has the same condition as Song of the Sky when using her Arrive ability. This means you will have already fulfilled your condition to play Song of the Sky if you are trying to play Celestial of Genesis, so why not make her only cost 6! This is extremely helpful in playing Genesis when your opponent would least expect it! 

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