Golem of Allurement

Week 15 – September 14th, 2020

Element: Dark   |   Cost: 3  |  Type: Unit – Golem

The golems assembled by Hoenna are used for many different reasons, and fill a specific role in ensuring success. Golem of Allurement was constructed to take control of the opponent and lead them back to Hoenna. What happens next is unknown, but its pretty clear it isn’t good. 

The Golem of Allurement is a 3 cost Dark Golem unit with 1500 power. It’s Arrive ability lets you take control of a unit your opponent controls that costs (1) or less. The catch is that unit cannot attack the turn you take control of it. Allurement is great for taking control of a Knight token your opponent just put into play after you destroyed their Tower of Light. 

Where to find this card? You can find a playset of Golem of Allurement in the Dark Intro Deck and also in Set 3: Ascension as a common.

The Allure of the Darkness

A beautiful woman with a stunning figure in a red and white dress captivates a young couple. They are so entranced by her looks they can’t notice the obvious clues. Pale skin, no words, and a cold touch. She is the Golem of Allurement. She opens her unhindged jaw ready to claim two more victims for Hoenna. 

In District Gloom it is advised to not go out after dark unless you need to, in fear of running into one of Hoenna’s Golems. Each Golem is constructed by their master in a certain way, in order to fulfill a role in her grand scheme. While most people think the Golems’ appearance is grotesque, Hoenna considers them all to be her children and loves them all dearly. 
Alluring Your Opponent

Golem of Allurement is a perfect follow up play whenever you destroy your opponent’s Tower of Light. Being able to take the Guardian unit they just put into play can help you continue putting pressure on or play defensively during your opponent’s turn. 

Being able to replay your Golem of Allurement from the discard, especially with an Instacast card, can be very powerful. You can surprise your opponent with an Omega Magic: Yami, taking control of the unit they either just played or want to attack with! Strike of the Golems and all the other Golem cards make Golem of Allurement a strong card! 

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