Ready for War

Week 13 – September 7th, 2020

Element: Fire   |   Cost: 6  |  Type: Spell

As the Silver Army approaches, Dragonholt and the remaining Blazewalkers prepare to go head first into a brutal war to stop Metaial. Noticeably missing from the group is Raine, who used to be the Blazewalker Commander. Metaial took advantage of the grief Raine was holding onto from his past, and corrupted him into a Silver General to fight for his army. The group stands on a high ledge, anxious, but Ready for War.

Ready for War is a 6 cost Fire Spell that will surely surprise your opponent with an army of Fire units! Since this card has instacast, you can play Ready for War at the end of your opponent’s turn. This will allow those Fire units that are put into play to attack during your next turn! Ready for War is best suited for a deck with a lot of low cost Fire units attempting to overwhelm the opponent. 

Where to find this card? You can find Ready for War in Expansion 3: Conviction!

Before the War

Tension in the land of Argos has started to boil over, and there is a sense of a larger danger. Raine has been missing for weeks, which has caused a lot of confusion and worry. Dragonholt readies the Blazewalkers for what appears to be a battle of a life time. 

Dragonholt and the Blazewalkers all stand together on a ridge, with a cloudy sky behind them. The sunset illuminates the horizon while the dark clouds begin to creep in. Blazewalker Scout, Leiah and Blazewalker Lieutenant Rei stand at Dragonholt’s sides, while Ark and Fang approach from the edges. They all have their weapons drawn, Ready for War
Getting Ready

Ready for War is an expensive spell, so when you play it you want to be sure to get as much value out of it as you can. A deck centered around playing low cost Fire units to rush your opponent with powerful units and Quickness is a perfect fit for a finishing card like Ready for War

It is also important to be sure your deck has units available to play off of Ready for War. Blazewalker Scout, Leiah can help shuffle expelled Fire units into your deck, and Statue at the Argent Tower can help shuffle Fire units from your discard into your deck! 

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