Charise, Archivist of Worlds

Week 13 – August 31st, 2020

Element: Argent   |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Unit – Mysterious Woman

Knowledge is a very powerful weapon in the world of Argos, and Charise, Archivist of Worlds‘s strength comes directly from her knowledge. Her dedication to understanding and knowing about the world around her has contributed to her ability to find a solution to any problem. 

Charise, Archivist of Worlds is a 1 cost Argent unit with only 500 power, but has the ability to search any unit in your deck! By using her Exhaust ability, you can play one counter on Charise. Then once you have built your mass of counters, you can Exhaust this card and pay 1 to search your deck for a unit with a cost equal to or less than the number of counters on Charise. Then you must remove all of the counters. This strategy can help you search pieces to your plan, and is great in combination with low cost units. While the more counters means more payoff, it also leaves your Charise vulnerable to be destroyed!

Where to find this card? You can find Charise, Archivist of Worlds in Set 2: Revelations!

The Mysterious Woman

Charise, Archivist of Worlds is dedicated to knowledge, and thinks there is nothing more powerful. She travels the world of Argos, searching for more knowledge, educating the young, and ensuring the truth is persevered. Her origin and history are unknown, but her mission is clear.

A mysterious woman with tall, long horns is posed with a book in her hand and a satchel with scrolls strapped over her shoulder. She is older and has a strange aura around her, but she is strong and confident. Her knowledge is her power.
Knowledge is Power

Charise, Archivist of Worlds can sometimes take too many turns to really get something powerful from her ability, leaving her susceptible to being destroyed before the player is able to get any value from. Using Sola, the Light Spirit is a great way to get additional uses out of Charise, allowing you to recover her at the end of your turn and use her ability again in the same turn! 

Now the question becomes, what are good cards to search out with Charise, Archivist of Worlds? You could build your strategy around low cost units allowing Charise to easily search them out, or rely on one super powerful card that could win you the game on its own. Charise is also great at searching out cards you might need against specific decks. If you come across an Ergon deck, she can quickly and easily search out Bone Scavager

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