Warden of Vrscika

Week 12 – August 24th, 2020

Element: Light   |   Cost: 4 |  Type: Unit – Warrior

The Warden of Vrscika watches over Vrscika, the Scorpion Hammer to ensure the deadly weapon does not fall into the wrong hands. The power inside the ancient hammer is more than one would think, and the history of the Gear runs deep. The Warden’s sole responsibility is to protect and watch over the artifact.

Warden of Vrscika is a strong 4 cost Light Warrior with the Brawler ability. When the Warden enters the field, if there is already a destroyed Light tower, you can search for Vrscika, the Scorpion Hammer and equip it to the Warden. After that the Warden of Vrscika is able to smash through any Guardian. Utilizing both the Brawler ability and the Scorpion Hammer’s ability to recover the equipped unit when it destroys a unit with Guardian in battle, you can take out all of your opponent’s blockers.

Where to Find this Card? You can find Warden of Vrscika in Expansion 2: Genesis!


Warden's Watch

The Warden of Vrscika is challenged with a very important duty, and that is to protect Vrscika, the Scorpion Hammer from falling into the wrong hands. The power inside the hammer could wipe out all of an element’s defense, so its important to keep the weapon safe at all times. 

The Warden carefully watches over his weapon, only using it when facing larger opponents. He cracks his knuckles as he approaches what is probably the last of his victims. With two soldiers laying at the feet of the Warden, the last soldier attempts to run away.

The Warden's Duty

The Warden of Vrscika‘s sworn duty is to keep the powerful weapon out of the hands of evil, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use it every so often. With his Arrive ability, if there is a destroyed Light tower you can search out the Scorpion Hammer and equip it to the Warden. Then you can start smashing your opponent’s guardians!

Vrscika, the Scorpion Hammer is the perfect tool for taking out small guardians that might get in your way like the Illusion tokens from Phantasmal Guards or the Knight tokens from Omega Magic: Hikari. Use the Scorpion Hammer plus Warden’s Brawler ability to take out guardians before they block! 

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