The Great Magimaze

Week 11 – August 17th, 2020

Element: Argent   |   Cost: 3 |  Type: Augment  

Seriah is trapped within The Great Magimaze for the rest of her life, but that doesn’t stop her from helping guide lost strangers out of the endless maze. Watch out for Jubei, King of the Magimaze and his pesky servants. They will do whatever they can to try and keep you trapped in the maze forever!

The Great Magimaze is a 3 cost Argent augment that introduces the very first alternate win condition on a card to Argent Saga. Whenever it comes into play it will begin with 5 Maze counters on it. By removing all of the Maze counters from The Great Magimaze, you can win the game just by exhausting the card! You will need cards like Maiden of the Maze, Seriah, and Magimaze Worm to help you remove all the counters from this card, but cards like Jubei’s Servants and Jubei’s Pranksters put Maze counter on The Great Magimaze!

Where to Find this Card? You can find The Great Magimaze in Set 3: Ascension


The Immaculate Design

The Great Magimaze is an elaborate and sophisticated maze that is so large it invites travelers to try their luck in the maze rather than going around.  A dense white fog fills the maze, hiding the dangers and troubles inside, but the castle in the center of the maze can be seen clearly. Outside of the entrance stand two giant statues watching over the garden just inside. 

Bagoom, the Friendly BeastMagimaze Gate Keeper, and the Magimaze Worm will help lead you Through Dangers Untold, but Jubei, King of the Magimaze and his loyal servants will make it as difficult as possible. Jubei’s crystal ball allows him to keep an eye on anyone trying to escape! 

Don't Get Trapped!

Escaping the Maze is a real challenge, but with help from the Maiden of the Maze, Seriah and Bagoom, the Friendly Beast, you can remove all the counters from The Great Magimaze and win that game without ever destroying a tower! 

Instead of trying to escape, you can use The Great Magimaze to trap your opponent inside! Jubei and his pranksters can put Maze counters on the maze for some pretty powerful effects, and you can add counters to either your or your opponent’s card! 

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