Academy of Argos

Week 10 – August 10th, 2020

Element: Water   |   Cost: 1 |  Type: Augment  

The Academy of Argos is the premier school of witches, and is home to the largest library in Arogs full of all different kinds of books. In order to get in, aspiring witches must pass a multitude of tests to see if they are ready to undergo training at the Academy. Young witches train and study hard in hopes they will someday be as fantastic as Madam Phantasm

Academy of Argos is a 1 cost Water Augment made to be played with Witch units! Each time a Witch unit, like Amateur Witch, attacks you place one counter on your Academy of Argos. Once per turn, if you use an ability with Shard Drain you can remove a counter from this card instead. With the help of your Witches, you can use the powerful effects of Shard Drain abilities without the downside of having to put a shard you control to the bottom of your Shard Deck. 

Where to Find this Card? You can find Academy of Argos in Set 2: Revelations

Life at the Academy

The Academy of Argos is flourishing with young and vibrant academics. Outside the Main Hall students gather around the fountain enjoying the day. The active student life contributes to the many advantages of studying at the Academy. Inside the Main Hall is the most extensive library in all of Argos! 

The beautiful blue-green color and stunning architecture of the buildings highlights the entire campus. The cobblestone path leads to the largest building, the Main Hall. A fountain is positioned outside the Main Hall, and is a hub for student life. Pillars of water line the buildings where bushes and trees would normally be.

Studying at the Academy

The Academy of Argos helps you play cards and abilities with Shard Drain, without having the negative effect of putting one of your shards to the bottom of your deck. Madam Phantasm is a great card to use to play the Academy straight from your deck! 

Using powerful Shard Drain effects without having to pay the cost can be a huge advantage. Play Expanding Elemental to put another one into play, or use Ancient Serpent’s Breath to put a unit on top of its owner’s deck! Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress makes sure you get the most of out of your Shard Drain cards. 

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