Skytree Command Center

Week 09 – August 3rd, 2020

Element: Air   |   Cost: 1  |  Type: Augment  

Skytree Command Center is the central hub for the Skytree army, and is vital in launching their coordinated attacks. The command center is always being restocked with new recruits and returning fleets. The success of their intricate and delicate strategy, that sets them apart, can be contributed to the Skytree Command Center.

Skytree Command Center is a 1 cost Air Augment that has a powerful Exhaust ability that allows you surprise your opponent with Airships! Whenever a unit is returned to your hand from the field, you place a counter on Command Center. Then at any time you can Exhaust this card, remove any number of counters from this card, and put into play a unit from your hand that has cost equal to the number of counters you removed. This is especially effective at playing units on your opponent’s turn to interfere with their strategy.

Where to Find this Card? You can find Skytree Command Center in Set 1: Betrayal

Inside the Command Center

Inside the Skytree Command Center is a large room full of computers and steam-powered technology. Natural wood and steampunk technology makes up most of the room. Projecting in the middle of the room is a large holographic map of an airship army sailing through the sky. A few Skytree officers are standing around the perimeter of the room, while two higher ranking officers are strategically looking at the holographic map.

Floating high in the sky on a disguised ship, the Skytree Command Center is both mobile and hidden. It would be disastrous if someone was able to infiltrate the Command Center and leak the armies top-secret plans to their enemies. For this reason the Skytree are very careful to protect and disguise their headquarters. 
Command Center Strategy

Skytree Command Center gains a counter each time a unit is returned to your hand, so a lot of the Skyraiders and other Air units are perfect to use alongside Command Center. Skyship Engineer is the easiest way to start stacking counters on your Command Center, and cards like Guiding Winds and Winds of Cloudsea help even more! 

Being able to play units, like Greathawk of Cloudsea or Garga, Keeper of Gales, during your opponent’s turn is a huge advantage Skytree Command Center offers, but if your opponent doesn’t have a way to destroy your augment, you can play high cost units like Celestial of Genesis

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